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  1. Post your tune file mate
  2. https://www.nzefi.com/product/ethanol-content-sensor-flex-fuel-sensor/ This Flex sensor claims to measure E and fuel temp on one DI. And compatible to G4+ Plug in. How would I configure this to handle both off one signal?
  3. Do you think it might be misfiring all the time Adam? Everytime the throttle is pressed it goes lean and ends up at 1.2Lambda at 300kpa before he has the cut. And I agree, I'd be going to a specialist
  4. If that Lambda sensor is telling the truth you would probably not expect the engine to still be in one piece. Is it wired and calibrated correctly? What is the boost target? 300kpa? It hits 313 kpa a bit after 9.22 and cuts like an over boost protection or WG table may have been set up to do same. If you post a calibration (tune) file there are plenty of people here that will have more chance of helping you
  5. Do ECU logging for the same selected parameters at 100hZ and you might see it will pick up the knock event. Had the same issue.
  6. Awesome you blokes. Seriously. Thanks so much for that I set up the ECU hold time as advised. Went back through the open loop idle procedure. The clamp table needed about 90 points taken out of it at 80* so it's back to where it started from a couple of years ago. Rock solid at every intersection. So far so good. Now I might have a half decent chance of setting up the closed loop idle.
  7. Righto. Thanks. Yes it is v5/6. I set the alive time to five seconds.
  8. Well. You blokes are awesome. No wonder I've been chasing that stepper motor around for the past couple of years. I realised that it reset on key off but the ECU Hold Power had not computed. I have set up AO5 as Ecu hold power. The DI was already set up with ignition switch. At some point in time I was adding fan step to stop it stalling when they came on. Initially it was set to 6. This table here seemed to com as part of a firmware upgrade and has never been populated. Any suggestions? I have made all the changes suggested and will get the car out and see ho
  9. When i put the ID,s in it I put the figures in the SPAT and it wasn't real happy so i cleared it back out. But i can try those again now. Im not sure about the hold time issue but now you mention it I'll look into thst further. Can you give me an insight into how that should be?
  10. This is becoming rather annoying. Engine is a ej25/20 hybrid with 8.2:1 comp, has ID1000X in Radium fuel rails and BC272 cams degreed to advertised specs. I am using a Ballenger AFR500 wideband which seems to be slow to come out of lean condition on overun and start up but other than that the guage reads as per the laptop readout. It is in open loop idle. Closed loop fuel is turned off (it didn't help with this issue) Idle ignition control is on and generally works very well as set up. I have some extra fuel in IAT correction at higher ECT/IAT start up 0%TPS but is not affecting
  11. Hi, I'm trying to permanently delete the bulk of a 55min log file so as I can put a two minute section of it on here for some help with an issue. In the log file manager it will let me delete the section but it will not disappear from the navigator and when I save the file it is still there. I have been all through the help files and followed to the letter but it is not doing what I want it to. Alternatively, how does 'drop box' work? Rgds Rob W
  12. Are the values in the Accel Clamp tables multiplied by the values in the Wake Up Load Correction table as it moves through the load sites in the wake up table or does it deliver the value and multiplier from when the throttle is first pressed. So lets say I press the throttle to the floor at 2000 rpm with values of 40 and 1 at 0 MAP as I move through to say 5000 rpm with values of 10 and 0.5 at 20 MAP would it be returning 5% enrichment at that 5000rpm 20 MAP point or would the 40% commanded at 2000 rpm be decaying?
  13. Another one? What would the injector flow rate be at 43.5 psi for ID 1050x. There is g4 characterization data on the ID website but no specific to ethanol
  14. Thanks Adam. I'm working away so can't respond to this as often as I'd like. Does the Density Temp Coefiicient make a big difference? Can you show me the equation to do the calculations
  15. Bugger. I was hoping that would not be the case. I couldn't work out how to do the calculations. My BP 98 petrol here is 14.4 stoich. I have been trying to google the information to no avail.
  16. I'm looking to run E30-E40. I don't have enough injector or pump to go full E85, so I won't be tuning the second fuel at full strength for the tables to extrapolate between in the blend table. The Link help files give all of the fuel density, stoich ratios, etc for E85. So lets say E30 is going to be my second fuel would I tune the car on E30 and set up the Multi Fuel Blend Ratio Table so that everything over E30 is at 100% and leave the known ethanol properties in the multi fuel table.
  17. Simon, seriously mate, take the Horsepower Acadamy courses. You already seem to have a fair idea what you are looking at. HPA will simplify the whole process for you, break it down into a couple of main areas and give you the skills and confidence to slowly sort out this nightmare properly yourself. Not only will you gain a fuller understanding of fuel and ignition requirements, all your trims and enrichments, boost set up etc, they also do full video demonstrations on all aspects of tuning on many different platforms and those videos are available to watch over and over.
  18. Pity no wideband. Would help tell you the full story. I wouldn't worry about retuning it all if your happy with it the rest of the time.
  19. Don't buy a $60 IACV. Been there done that for research purpose. It did not fit as advertised and when I started fiddling about with it, it flew apart in my hands. Do you have a wideband on the car? It is not picking up in the logs. CLL corr is up to -4% at idle. Don't be to quick to blame the IACV. The best thing you can do is retune the whole thing in open loop using the base position table. The Link help files are quite comprehensive covering this.
  20. I was having the same sort of issues. Try changing your stepper reset to key off and make sure you are turning the car right off if you load a new map before a start and let the needles do their sweep on the dash. The stepper motor doesn't know where it is in the V5/6 so you have to reset it. Have a look at the help file for how to set the stepper min/max values. Turn your idle ignition table off to do this idle calibration. Once you have it good turn it back on - but your idle ignition table is set to take over at below 1200rpm in the 70-80*c range, so you are dropping from 18 deg
  21. If you extend the log right out there is some data right toward the end. It is idling in the one same cell hence the data in the mixture map being in one cell. Maybe you woke up the tablet before you parked up and turned the car off
  22. Hope you get it sorted ok mate you shouldn't have too much trouble finding someone in Melbourne
  23. What engine by the way, Subaru???
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