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  1. Thanks pal great info I’ll download software now cheers
  2. Thanks that great help Is the v88 available as board only as can only find it in a metal case like this on website cheers
  3. The serial number is pcb rev 1.1 Serial #15797 hoe this helps
  4. Hi just purchased a vipec and these are the number evo 4-8 bb v1.2 is this a v series and what is the correct software to download thanks for any help
  5. Hi got a vipec ecu and trying to figure out which model I have on the board is says evo 4-8 bb v1.2 many help appreciated
  6. That has completely baffled me pal I’m not clued up on mapping
  7. Hi is it poss to put pops and bangs on a switch so can be turned on and off cheers And can I be done without a clutch switch thanks
  8. Changed plugs and now runs great many thanks for your help
  9. I see many thanks for help
  10. What is bap new to this cheers
  11. Hi was wondering what should my map sensor readings show on idle and with engine turned off many thanks
  12. I tried and car still runs rough think I’ll take plugs out and clean them up and try again
  13. Ok I will try these settings and let you know thanks for help
  14. The sensor is a aem And here is the tables And not sure if makes a big difference but max boost is 1.9 bar thanks for helping
  15. Hi still looking for any info looked into map sensor cal table and it say in bottom two tables 100kpa and then 200kpa
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