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  1. Thank you very much @Richard Hill, that is very helpful, I was trying to work out how many Aux outputs I would need. This setup will be a supercharged 3uz but i do not know how to edit the post title ( if that is even possible).
  2. Sorry for not posting up for a while, the conversion is now going to use a 3uz, but almost certainly still with an Eaton Supercharger. I think the Thunder will be the ECU of choice....any thoughts on this ?
  3. Great, I have previous experience with the Storm, but am i correct in thinking the Storm does not accept fly by wire throttle ?
  4. Good morning all, We are about to start an engine swap project on a Land Rover Defender 110 where we are going to fit an early Lexus 1UZ (non vvt) with an Eaton 112 supercharger ! Has anybody on here got a 1UZ engine using Link, as we are not sure which ECU would be the most suitable. Cheers in advance Paul.
  5. Thank you very much, that is a good compromise, I will try that after this weekends meeting.
  6. Morning all. We are running 2x G4+ Storm ECUs on a Twin Engined race car, my problem is that we only do short races ( probably less than 5 minutes each) and I would like to save individual data log files for each race from each ECU. Is it possible to program the ECUs to save the data to a seperate file everytime the ignition is turned off, or do I have to keep downloading and saving the data manually after each race, or trying to split the data I get at the end of a meeting so I can analyse individual races. Thanks in advance Paul.
  7. Scott, how do I save the individual log files as above once I have entered the details into the relevent boxes for the individual races ? I have screen grabbed an image from my screen but i am being told i can only upload maximum of 0.21MB files onto the forum.
  8. Ok Scott, Thank you very much.
  9. Thank you Scott, I will try that later. Can I then delete off the files I don't want from the ECU or do they stay on and just overwrite?
  10. Morning all, When looking at the data logging files we have on the ECU how do you delete any files not required ? After a days racing yesterday we have a lot of small files from scutineering etc which we don't need but want to just save the files that relate to the actual races. Thanks in advance.
  11. Is there anymore news on this app for the G4+ Storm, sound like a great idea ?
  12. Thank you Scott, I may change the wiring for the fans so they are triggered by both ECUs too as currently they are only wired to 1 ECU.
  13. Morning all, Can I use the AUX 2 from each ECU to switch a single fuel pump, to enable me to run each engine seperatly or will they back feed to each other causing problems ? Currently I am only switching the fuel pump from the left ECU but this means I have to have the left engine running before the right engine can be started. Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks Scott, I have tried uploading pictures but i just keep getting the message.. "YOU ARE ONLY ALLOWED TO UPLOAD 215.04KB"
  15. Well after taking my time, checking and double checking the full installation is finished and I am delivering the car to the Rolling Road this evening for mapping. I must admit it was more of a task than I had anticipated but I am very pleased with my first ever installation, I would love to post up some pictures but can't seem to get them to load, any help much appreciated.
  16. Sorry to hear you have been unwell Dave, get well soon.
  17. That all makes perfect sense now, thanks Scott.
  18. Understood, and the main relay on each engine would run all the +14v feeds for that engine.
  19. Thank you Scott, much appreciated. Now I have another question regarding relays, obviously I have 2x engines and 2x Storm ECUs, now as disused earlier I am going to have a seperate relay to power each ECU, but am I am also going to need a relay to power the +14v for the coils and injectors, and if so will 1 relay do both (per engine of course) I am guessing I will also need 2 more relays for the fuel pump and fan.
  20. Does anybody have a schematic drawing of a G4+ instal to help me out with the basic layout, I have found one for an Atom which will help me out quite a bit but wondered if anybody had a storm one ? this is the Atom one....
  21. Thank you very much Scott, with having 2x ECUs I am planning to run 2x relays (1 for each) I take it that is advisable.
  22. Very simple 1st question, I know I need a fuse with the main relay that powers the ECU, but what amp fuse is recommended?
  23. Hi guys, we started a thread a while ago enquiring about the plan to put 2x G4 Storms on our twin engined Autograss racecar here in the UK. We have done the 1st phase of the closed season rebuild with a full strip and nut and bolt rebuild, the 2nd phase starts this weekend with the Link install. We will no doubt have a few questions so hopefully we will use this thread to show what we are doing and draw on the expertise within this forum to assist us.
  24. Yes we had a brilliant weekend at Santa Pod thanks Dolfo. Thank you Scott that makes perfect sense, and there is a water bung on the back of the block which is easy to get to and easily removable, we are thinking of JB Welding an M8 bolt into it and using that for the mounting post for the knock sensor.
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