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  1. Yes it’s a g4+ Knock block. yeah it’s defiantly not uncomfortable at full volume it’s a struggle to hear it most of the time. tried both cords and a longer one I made myself, used both sensors and even a jecs knock sensors it seems to pick up a lot of electrical noise too what I’m guessing is unavoidable and just part of life. I would appreciate being able to have it checked since it’s had limited use and been like that since day 1.
  2. With normal 3 pole headphones it is still extremely quiet, have tried multiple sets of headphones. been like that since I bought it, like I struggle to hear it over the car / noise it surroundings.
  3. Are g4+ knock link usually pretty quiet? like hard to even hear? and is it normal for headphones with microphones on them like iPhone etc to not work? seems odd since they work in every other type of normal style headphone jack and my preferred headphones being able put them under ear muffs etc. it’s been the same every since I bought it so it isn’t a issue that’s just started and has been like that since day one. Thanks
  4. Yeah the only issue with that is that’s about all they are worth these days, can buy them for $150-200 so trying to avoid having to do that. I’m assuming it’s one of the transistors that’s failed being the switched / amplified part and the ecu having one already replaced so would rather just know what ones are related to the coil drives.
  5. I’ve resoldered the whole board since I have fixed a few like that and it now has injector pulse although it could be a car issue that one since I tried the ecu in another car cause it was closer than the one it’s meant to be in. The ecu turns on and primes pump, kicks it back in well cranking, has rpm signal, tps n ect etc but just won’t fire the coils In that car the ecu still has the coils constantly charging over heating them, Occasionally when key comes in you get the normal hasn’t started for abit possumlink backfire but apart from that seems to do not much. With a noid light t
  6. Yep, it shows 1-200rpm cranking, tps voltage works etc. And pulses a noid light just not the injectors or coils. coils and injectors both had power, car was running on a g4 plugin previously. it’s like it’s keeping signal to the coils open cause the coils get hot and the signal shows a constant 12v
  7. Hi I’m wondering if anyone could help me with a diagram / the technical drawings for a possumlink for v1/2 wrx please, ecu has been repaired before so not wanting to tip more money into it but rather have a go at making it keep running the car for awhile. ecu has constant power out on ignition drives and seems to have a pulse with a noid light but not actually fire the coils or injectors but has its normal one click fire that possumlink does when key comes on. even if anyone on the picture could point to what runs the ignition on them on the board.
  8. The onboard 2.5bar map is having issues and wanting to read slightly below atmospheric and not calibrating on one of my storms, from memory key on voltage was 1.68v so assuming the sensor is dying and throwing off the calibration. Want to upgrade it to a 4bar will I have any issues using part number ‘MPX4400AP’? Thanks
  9. I’ll go with that, much appreciate your help. 4-6 cylinders are my thing so v8’s are new ground to be wiring. Thought it was better to ask and do it once than change it assuming. Thank you again.
  10. So would you suggest inj 1, 1-5 inj 2, 2-6 inj 3, 7-3 inj 4, 8-4 appreciate your input, thank you.
  11. I’ve never touched a v8 with this firing order so checking I wire the wasted setup ls coils correct, with the firing order being 1,2,7,8,4,5,6,3 I wire as? drive 1, 1-4 drive 2, 2-5 drive 3, 7-6 drive 4, 8-3 also with injectors do I use the normal v8 pairing of injectors like a 1uz or the likes to run sequential injection or just use the same pairing as above? Sorry v8’s aren’t really my forte but doing this one as a favour so looking for a little guidance on the pairing since it’s a older g4+ storm with 4 drives. Thanks all.
  12. As above, set high error to 5v and low error to 0v only way I’ve been able to combat the error from aem / innovate gauges.
  13. here's the file from the ecu and a log of launch control b4g3.pcl Launchlog.txt
  14. shrug

    Force GDI

    Awesome thank you, was just making sure. never dealt with one before and there is one up for a good price.
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