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  1. Dear All , thanks for your great support , problem has been solved just right now it was Dwell values . now its rev smoothly up to RPM limit ( Red Zone ) New table is attached
  2. Dear Scott , Tnanks a lot for your response , I will do what you ask for . should I simply upload them or attach them via mail , and what is mail address if true Dear Chris , you are absolutely right .. I will double check the dwell setting ( unfortunately , no manufacture data sheet ) , but I well scale values from 1.5ms up to 2.5ms. regarding injectors dead time , Injectors are ( 1200 CC Bosch injectors (PN : 0280158040 ) high impedance ) , attached is what i have found should I consider that values ???
  3. My setup is as follow : E36 Running shell1.5 jz GTE , ported and polished head.1200 CC Bosch injectors (PN : 0280158040 ) high impedance Nissan ( AIC-400IE ) coil over Pack Holset HX40Link Extreme black .walbro Fuel pump Tomi fuel regulator.Base fuel pressure 3 Bar.Engine is revving great up to around 5k , but not more than that ... what I have noticed , while trying to rev more than 5k no limits ( from the run time values ) has been activated .Triggers status is OK .Fuel pressure is still maintained around preset value .RPM dont miss up when rev hits around 5k , but simply feel like soft ignition cut ( little black smoke ). I think its some thing related to ( ignition Dwell time ), I have tried to find it out .. unfortunately with no success. I need the dead time values for the injectors as well ... Any help well be highly appreciated . thanks a lot
  4. Thanks a lot Scott for your quick response
  5. 9Dear Scott , thanks a lot for your response .... will actually i am almost done with my setup ... car is up and running ... its the first project for me as follow running shell is e36 engine is totally rebuilt 2jz button end with 1jz head ( ported and polished )Extreme Link ECU black Sequential injection , Direct spark setupHolset HX40 turbo 1200 cc injectorsE-throttle setupcar is running smoth and boast now is up to 1 Bar ( 200 KPA ) , I even start drag race with some of my friends to test it out ... and believe me its a beast .. what i am interesting about is the triggers setup , simply i just want to double check it ,for the time being trigger setup is as follow : stock crank wheel setup for 2jz GTE ( 12 tooth ) VRRear CAM shaft for sync .VRTrigger calipration is as attached I know that trigger setup could be verified by a timing light , unfortunately i don't have one A verification for my trigger setup would be highly appreciated thanks in advanced
  6. Dear Sameh , Kindly a request. Can you please send me the 2JZ-GTE non vvti base map to hatem.bakhiet at gmail.com? I am highly int rested with the trigger setup , for the moment i have my engine running well ... but i feel the ignition is kind of retarded . i guest the problem is related to the offset settings ( triggers calibration ) .. Thanks, Hatem
  7. Dear Ray, Can you please send me the 2JZ-GTE non vvti base map to hatem.bakhiet at gmail.com? Thanks, Hatem
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