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  1. bobby would your map work or a linkg4plus storm iv got same setup wrx ej20t 440cc injectors if yes can you email me ya map,thanks. stevez69.sm@gmail.com
  2. link g4+storm wanted map to work with fo a ej20g with 440cc injectors that i can work with email me stevez69.sm@gmail.com
  3. Wanted a map for a 98 uk subaru wrx for link+storm (black) 440cc injectors V4 motor,You can email me maps to stevez69.sm@gmail.com I live in Palmerston north any help geting car started will be good dont mind paying some one to help me setup map or give me a map that works
  4. Im looking to buy a group n chip or swap for wrx97r chip im looking for the anti lag chip for my link g1 ecu,Thanks
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