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  1. Hey Guys, I recently finished swapping a VR6 engine into my S4 and was able to successfully start and run the engine. While I was going through my second heat cycle and getting ready to drive the car out of the garage i noticed a rear main leak which brought the project to a temporary stop. I am getting ready to pull the engine now to fix the leak and wanted to reach out to the community to see if anyone had a base-map for a VR6 engine. although my engine was running i noticed my ignition table seemed to advancing the spark too much for its given ECT (in the range of 20Deg BTDC) causing a high
  2. Scott, When the throttle was being driven into the seat, prior to getting the target table sorted, those faults make sense. I will double check to make sure that it is still not being driven into its seat but I am pretty sure at closed position (the position where the fault occurs) the TB is at 2% open and following the set point within the target table. The two codes always seem to occur within a second of each other. The throttle continues to work after the codes appear, could this indicate a false positive? I had another issue spring up on me this weekend. I changed my throttle body plug
  3. As Simon Stated, The main issue was the target table. I also performed a firmware update which contained numerous stepper motor updates which did not hurt... all wiring is per the PIN out drawing and throttle body wiring diagram. I have good control of it but I am still getting the same two faults: [8:32:15 PM] ECU Fault Code 84: Aux9/10/E-Throttle IC Over-temp, [8:32:13 PM] ECU Fault Code 73: Aux 9/10 Supply Error. Not sure why thanks, Bob O
  4. Scott, I have verified the voltage for the TB motor, this did not solve the problem, it just drives the TB into the closed seat. One interesting thing I found was that the Pin out for Aux9 and 10 seemed to be wrong. I am getting +12V on what the pin out drawing calls Aux 10 (purple/white wire) and 0V on Aux9 (Purple wire) I just figured it was an error in the pinout drawing due to the fact that I cannot select which channel is positive voltage or common. I currently have it wired so that the measured +12V pin form the V88 opens the TB when the key is turned on. another observation I had was
  5. I am experiencing an ECU fault code 83 when I turn the V88 ECU on. The throttle is snaps open and sounds like the motor is driving the throttle plate into the hard stop until the Aux9/10 output trips on over temp or overcurrent at which point the throttle plate snaps back to the closed position. I have all the E-Throttle protection relay wired as per the generic E-Throttle wiring diagram. I can read changing voltages on both the primary and sub potentiometers on the TPS as well as primary and sub voltage changes associated with the FPS (which leads me to believe that the required I/O channels
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