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  1. This will make checking and setting up the knock settings without needing to plug an external knock sensor and/or extra equipment. Knock audio function is already there. Of course this requires some bandwidth (not really much see below) but USB 3.0 or disabling logging channels to the rescue. For 32khz mono 16bit = 32000 * 16 * 1 = 512 kbps or 64 KB/s which is not much If the electronics required don't exist on current ECU's (i don't know about G4X, i only have G4+) you may consider implementing it in the future. Kind regards
  2. Hello. I have a question regarding a friend planning on running VAG "R8" coils. These do have a build-in igniter and take 5V signal logic and fire on the falling edge. They work great on all Link ecu's i came across. Now this friend (living abroad) has a Link g4+ pnp E36X and he had issues getting them to work. When i checked the manual you can find this in the page below: Assuming the ignition outputs have been unchanged from a G4+ xtreme he should able to configure them as falling type by not pulling them up and taking the signal directly from the output. Howev
  3. Sorry for the late reply, i forgot to reply back, but the processes was much much easier after i got into it practically. I only needed to setup the open loop correct and then made very minor adjustments to the closed loop. Did my best for emissions but the cams are just too big;p Average AFR was ok but wasn't combusting well enough so hydrocarbons were seriously bad. That's why you should get the MIVEC engine instead :p
  4. As the others are complaining i am too considering you didn't post any updates for over 2 years back in 2017 when G4+ was essentially brand new. It felt like support and updates where regular at first but some key engineer left the company and everything stopped. I made at least 2 suggestions, one has been added in G4X (math functions, still no reason not to have them in software too as they are useful when tuning to specific "references"), the other i don't think it's been added but can definitely done via CAN, but the CLL system should have been included AGES ago even back on G4.
  5. So i've basically done a complete conversion on a JDM EVO 8MR with a PnP Link G4+. Did some basic tuning and everything is mostly OK. It's based on the base map provided to save some time. The engine has an aftermarket Magnus intake manifold and a Boomba 75mm TB. It has integrated "manifold" for the factory IAC valve but no fine idle screw adjustment. It has only a set screw that sets the closed position of the throttle body butterfly valve. IAC has been replaced with a NEW genuine Mitsubishi factory IAC valve (evo 9 style with exposed spring) as after i borrowed a known working one
  6. Alright, makes sense, cheers
  7. I basically wired an aftermarket IAT through the OEM IAT pin (aka through the factory MAF connector) but i see there is no pull-up option. I haven't tested it yet, but i am assuming it doesn't have one and i'll either have to pull-up externally or re-wire to An Temp 2 which has pull-up selection, correct? Thanks
  8. I have installed a Link G4+ ecu into a friend's EVO. It has a M&W ignition system (Pro-12) installed. From the manual it says: CDI performance is not affected by changes in dwell settings! M&W CDI systems may reduce ignition delay requiring a reduction in timing. The resulting changes in combustion characteristics may also require alterations to fuel flow. Always set ECU ignition delay to zero and re-tune both fuel and timing curves after installation! So from what i understand, as soon as the Spark edge falls it triggers the transistor inside the CDI box, thus we can sa
  9. Yes i meant CAN not OBD sorry;p I was really tired, the whole wiring and installations on the car are a mess, just finished and preparing a base map. I'll see if my friend wants to keep it and i'll try to see if i can get it to work Thanks for the help.
  10. I'm fixing an EVO my friend bought with a Motec M800 and other goodies and i'm swapping him to a Link G4+ xtreme pnp ecu. The car has already a Motec SLM unit which connects and works via OBD: https://www.motec.com.au/ac-sl-slm/sl-slm-ov/ Did you reverse engineer/have the parameters needed to make it talk with the Link ecu so that we can have at least some basic functionality? Kind regards
  11. TnF

    USB-C to USB3.0 adapter?

    oh nice. Some hardware are a little picky with new interfaces that's why i am asking
  12. Hello guys. Are there any issues connecting a USB-C computer via a USB3.0 adapter to a link g4+? If not, any adapter will do? Planning on installing a windows tablet in the car and can be used for several things unlike obd2.
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