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  1. It did work when i start logging.... thanks.
  2. In my timeplot it only shows AN 6. The EGT cyl1 is missing. I have the Label set correct, like you have on the left in the picture.
  3. Håvard Karlsen

    G4 logging

    Hello. Can the names/labels in the logging groups be changed? Mye egt and tps only show "an volt6" and not "egt1" etc. Its hard to see what is the right egt when i have 3 of them, and no name in the logging group. Thanks
  4. Håvard Karlsen

    arctic cat

    I know vipec have software for Arctic Cat 800. Can you take a look at what injector timing they use? that will be a good start for me. I did see a Polaris layout on this forum. It looked like it had 95 btdc at 3000rpm and moved to 150 btdc at 7000rpm. (It will be when the reedvalva is open, and piston sucks gas in to the crankcase. If someone could check how AC-800 twostroke injector timing is, it would be great
  5. Håvard Karlsen

    arctic cat

    Do you know when to fire injectors on a twostroke? Vipec does have maps for it?
  6. Håvard Karlsen

    arctic cat

    What injector timing do this twostroke use? I have Link storm on my AC tripple turbo. In have no idea what settings for injector timing
  7. Hello, i have wired up can Lambda to my snowmobile-engine. I have followed the instructions for software in the help section. I have not started the engine, but i have a handheld starter and it turns it at 650 rpm. Gauge( Lambda1 shows nothing on my pc, and sensor does not heat up. Any ideas?
  8. Do i need the lambda target table. I would like to have no afr sensor controling the map. Can it be done without it?
  9. Thanks. I will take my time and try to learn this. This forum is very good!!
  10. Can you explain this better for me? I will not use closed loop afr or any afr input at all. Just for gauge and logging. Twostrokes is hard du auto-tune.
  11. Do you have a sample file. How it is done? Settings etc?
  12. Can you help me setting this up? Do you know any links for «how to»? I have been taking courses for Link ecu, but the staging with tp/rpm base map i can not find. Every example have map insted of tp in the x axys....
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