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  1. Hello Having issues with engine start. 2jzgte vvti. trigger setting taken from 1jz gte vvti setting. Seems it have sync problem, please point me to resolve. cranking.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-08-22 5;22;42 pm.llg sx13_2jz_vvti_set1.pclr
  2. rmn

    4d fuel negative value

    Injectors and dual intank walbro instead 2000cc bosch injectors (cheap ones, for lpg) and dual bosch044 which was intalled in trunk and sucked fuel. 1000cc was last year and doesnot meet power goals. Any suggestions are welcome . Thank you.
  3. rmn

    4d fuel negative value

    Hello Just curious is 4d fuel corection negative numbers normal or not? We have rb3.4/rb26 with id1700x injectors (dead time and short pulse adder taken from id site). TPS table tuned to 0.8>0.6 bar spring pressure. Once I add boost it running richer then my target.Had to remove -15% of fuel at 1.2 1.6 bar. Before 1700 injectors, there was 1000 bosch or denso and 4d fuel corections were positive. Thank you. set up: bnr 34 3.4 /rb26 tomei 280 11.6 dual walbros 450lph on modified fuel lines (10an) efr9174 cal and log attached 2018_id1700x_1.4.pclr 1.4.
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