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  1. Ok, currently I running on base map as for some reason when connected to the mqp sensor for the ecu the car just wouldnt start. DO you sell the GM 3 bar?
  2. Hi Simon I am certain I've blown my 3 tier map sensor. What brand or type of sensor do you recommend and do you sell them? Running possum link G1 V5 for a Subaru WRX bugeye, MY01.
  3. Hi Simon, throttle position is at 50% and unable to change, so it runs extremely rich. Any suggestions?
  4. Ok so have that sorted throttle body cleaner fixed that though now its coughing like I have an exhaust leak which I dont, how do I tune the Link G1 ecu to get rid of this issue?
  5. Have an issue with idling at double what it should be. The ecu is in a WRX V5. Running a G1 possumlink Can any one suggest what or how to change the idle speed and hopefully bring it back down to 750rpm. Also when throttle is pushed it seems to stick there for a second then slowly come back down.
  6. Sean S

    What version ECU

    Can someone please tell me what model ECU this is G1-4, in a Subaru GDA MY01 WRX, also to let me know what cable or whatever to connect to it to read it Thanks
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