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  1. I have raised the issue with ID weeks ago, I still haven't heard anything! I think I'll just go with the data you have posted and see how I get on, if all else fails I'll take the same approach as Rob W
  2. You can see the values here are quite different.
  3. Very strange, if you open the link i put in the first post to the ID support page the numbers are very different. I've know idea whats right and whats wrong now. Where did the spreadsheet you've clipped come from?
  4. Spot on dude, thats exactly what i was looking for. Thanks man that doesn't work for short pulse width adder data. I should also add for prosperity the values in the help file are still massively wrong.
  5. So I am about to turn the key on my 4 year build! I have ID 1000's fitted and im trying to input the short pulse width adder values and that's were the confusion starts. Firstly the data set supplied by injector dynamics is little help as the defined injector effective pulse width times don't align with the values in the PC link software and you can't seem to amend the axis values to suit, so that renders the ID supplied data useless. Secondly the Link help file has values for ID1000's which would be great but they are obviously quite different to the values provided by Injector Dynamics! I ha
  6. Time to dig up this old thread! Can't believe that was 2 years ago!!!! I suppose having children does that to a project. Thankfully I'm back at it and I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, I have now completed the mechanical build more or less, I have started the wiring loom and I now have some questions, @Scott I need to pick your brains and I know you like your Veedubs so hopefully you will know . I've looked over the wiring diagrams for the S4 and I have located the CAN wires at the OEM ECU, I intend to utilise the CAN bus to reduce the amount of additional wiring & inputs
  7. Talkwrench

    CAN-EGT module

    Thanks very much Adam, I'll give this try and see if how I go.
  8. Talkwrench

    CAN-EGT module

    @Adamw I have just got hold of one of these units, any chance you could share the set up info as i did't receive any documentation with the unit. I was planning to add this to the same CAN channel as the Link CAN lambda module, whats the best way of achieving this? Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi CJ, thanks for the response, its really helped me see past the numbers and just try to tune the car. The previous log file only got up to 2000rpm as it was misfiring hence the really lean lambda numbers (wideband is a LINK CAN module so no real setup needed?), I've added a bunch of timing at the low load & RPM areas and the car is now a lot more lively! I've done some more fuel tuning this morning and I'm starting to get somewhere, even managed a cruise up and down the coast and it sounded epic Still not pushed it into boost yet but I'll keep refining the cruise areas and creep up into
  10. Updated PCLR file attached. Changed all the vac / boost hoses for hydraulic crimped JIC hoses and still no better, made all the suggested changes above to the config and it hasn't reduced the numbers in the VE table by much. I'm all out of ideas at this point, the car is hardly driveable. I'm still waiting on the mityvac to arrive to double check the sensor cals but tallies with the gauge in the line. I forgot to log the last attempt , I'll change plugs and try again tomorrow. Any more suggestions When setting the primary injector flow rate is this per injector or total primary flow???????? I
  11. OK no worries, many thnaks for finding the time on a Sunday evening, im sure you had better things to do. Yes I have calibrated the triggers with a light using the instructions in the help file for rotary trigger calibration. My injectors are brand new injector dynamics and supplied from a reputable source so i've no doubts about there authenticity. I bought these injectors purely because they are trusted, matched and fully characterised and assumed this would make the tuning part a little easier, i do hope i don't have to qualify the injectors by measuring their output with a jug. Fuel pressu
  12. 1065cc primary & 1763 secondary, there Injector dynamics x series injectors. PCLR is attached above, it's only changed very slightly.
  13. Log file & pclr attached. Log file is for a 2Krpm misfire, thought it could be the TPS causing fuel cut, it wasn't. Still haven't resolved the issue yet, probably needs more fuel. Any help would be greatly appreciated. As for the map sensor values at 0 rpm I can't recreate this and it looks normal to me. Is this something PC Link does when it goes offline? Sets the rpm to 0 but retains all the other current values? Log file.llg FD3S TDX51R V1R2.1.pclr
  14. OK i'll get that done this morning when I take the car out again, i don't really have any logs that a worth posting Quick question, when I input the primary injector flow rates, is total primary injector flow rate or single injector? Im guessing this could be the reason why the ve table looks wrong, I have input a single injector flow rate
  15. Thanks for the quick replies, im still learning this system and any suggestions are good ones Good spot, I hadn't seen that. I'll look into that this morning. I have followed all the pre-start info i.e. tps, map calibration as well as timing offset with the light Morning Clint, good to see you on here (its Andrew by the way) . Is there a master fuel number in modeled fuel equation?
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