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  1. Nettlez

    Egt wastegate trim

    Pretty much as the title says, is it possible to create a wastegate trim based on an input from a egt sensor?
  2. So I have been setting up the advanced open loop wastegate values for multiple boost targets (to then go closed loop) but wondering how accurate you should expect to get on the road for just a road car before moving onto closed loop? I currently have them around +/- 5kpa
  3. Thanks for the help chaps, I did all of the above to end up annoyingly with the same result. Ended up getting another idle control valve and that seems to have sorted it, even though it check out electrically ok so very strange. Now with the ignition more retarded on the overrun it does make quite a few more pops
  4. So the car has started doing something weird where the first six seconds or so the engine revs really high on cold start with no throttle input for the first six seconds or so. I would be grateful if someone could look over the log and map to check I haven't done something wrong please. Other than that I'm presuming something must be wrong with the idle control valve log http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=84307726431083782805 map http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=36513187506628764503
  5. So with the g4+ running in closed loop idle control there is an option for hold step. From the information in the help file I still don’t understand what this does? What does it do? What is an example of a hold mode? Also what do the values in the startup step table represent? Is it a percentage of base position table or a multiplier?
  6. Nettlez

    RPM errors

    Thanks Simon, I will take some more logs at higher rpm I was comparing my engine rpm and engine speed roc to the one in the trigger error webinar and in the log he shows his roc barely goes above 250 yet mine is going way over 500 and my rpm curve is no way near as smooth? Which he mentions means I have trigger issues??
  7. Nettlez

    RPM errors

    sorry, that was the log how I had it set before to get around the issue with the triggers being at the same time. Here's a current one at 2k http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=05145648404220917506
  8. Nettlez

    RPM errors

    So I have an issue with the RPM on the log jumping around at higher revs. The engine is a bmw m50 turbo and the original crank trigger wheels gap used to line up almost bang inline with the cam trigger so I have changed the crank trigger wheel for another to move the two apart, I hoped this would solve my issue but it hasn't. The two triggers are both vr type sensors. I have tried to setup my arming thresholds to suit a third of the voltage but anything past 2000rpm I need a value greater than 7 but the link g4+ ecu wont let me put a value in greater than 7. I have noticed there is
  9. Nettlez

    Wheel Speed

    So I have added two wheel speed inputs to the ecu. I have added non driven from the front wheels via the standard bmw e30 vr type wheel speed sensor with a calibration figure of 2350 to get the speed to be correct. Then the driven wheel speed sensor from the rear wheels via the differential sensor which then goes the instrument cluster which then as a digital output meant for the cruise control which is where I have wired the ecu too with a cal figure of 445. The driven wheel speed sensor works fine, reads wheel speed nice and low but the front one only reads as low as 24kph for some reas
  10. Nettlez

    Timer engine fan

    Worked a treat, thanks for that
  11. Nettlez

    Timer engine fan

    So I have the engine fan setup being controlled by the ecu via ect. I was wondering if it would be possible to use a timer to stop the fan coming on when the cars just started? Currently if I turn the car off when it’s a few degrees off the fan activation set point and leave it for a few minutes then come back and start the car the fan kicks in straight away as the ect is above the activation set point as it’s heat soaked. But within say 10 seconds the water has been pumped round and it’s below the set point so it goes off.
  12. Nettlez

    Stalling Issue

    Just noticed my idle ignition control was set to 2000, should this be 1400 so it’s online with the idle speed control total?
  13. Here's a scope at 2k
  14. So I have done a log of the car running but its recorded some errors in ignition dwell time. Its normally running around 3.5ms but I have a half an hour log which shows four occasions of really long ignition dwell times, some as long as 100ms. What could be causing this issue? Is this a problem? Here's the log http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=66416819174199940320 Heres the map http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=91565145388537459141
  15. Right ok, I do have the ability to check the pressure sensor for calibration but I guess it doesn't matter if it reads spot on, just so long as the repeatability is good as that's what your actually monitoring. So just to clarify what I am looking for is as the map reading goes up I am looking for the fuel pressure reading to go up the same? So for example if at tick over map is 50kpa and fuel is reading 240kpa then when map is 150 the fuel should be around 340kpa? If this is right how close should it be when varying? Or another way of working it out would be fuel pressure minus mgp
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