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  1. I have the NS15+ ecu. Have had a look under the dash and there is a horrendously badly wired in alarm that has since been bypassed. I will most likely get the car sent into an auto sparky to delete the alarm fully and fix the ecu not shutting off problem. Hopefully they know how to do it! Cheers
  2. Not sure if this is to do with the Ecu or not but my link g4+ plugin sr20det in my s14 doesnt not turb off when i turn off the key. It takes about 5 seconds to finally die like its running out of petrol. Any ideas? Cheers
  3. Finished installing G4+ plugin for my SR20DET s14. Wondering what's involved for me to try the first start up at home by myself. Car has Walbro 500HP fuel pump, 550cc injectors and a slightly different turbo than factory. Not much else is different except for MAP sensor and the aftermarket boost control solenoid. Thanks any advice is appreciated. Rat
  4. I dropped the standard ECU case and it smashed into pieces. Cannot find another Sr20det s14 one for less then $100. Anyone know of any other nissan ecu cases that are the same? Any advice is appreciated. Cheers, Rat
  5. Hey Scott, Just wiring this all In now, just wondering does the polarity of the potentiometer wires matter? Thanks,Rat
  6. Just purchased a link G4 + plug-in S15Link for my s14 sr20det. I'm new to this sort of stuff just trying to get my head around it. Thanks for your patience. Have had a good look on these forums to try find and answer, didnt manage to so heres my question. I'm using a potentiometer/dial as my in-cab boost control and have found that I need to connect the 3 three wires like so to my XS Loom; - 1 to spare analog Volt - 1 to +5v out - 1 to signal ground. This all makes sense to me except that the only "sensor ground" on the XS Loom pinout is already being used for my IAT sensor. My question ; is
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