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  1. Instead of starting a new thread i ask another question here. How does the iac behave during cranking is it going after the IBP table during cranking also. Example if i want more or less air from the iac during cranking
  2. I did a complete new harness separated from the lh 2.4 harness and placed the link ecu and my new fuse box where the stock fuel ecu is located. The new fuse box is powered from 120Amps relay that a mounted in the battery location area. On pin 34 in the stock fuel ecu connector there is a speed signal that i connected to my link ecu and pin 22 is for check engine light that i also connected. Here is link for some pinout information jetronic.info Wiki | LH2.4 Pinouts and Diagrams (ipdown.net) link2.pdf
  3. Sorry for late answer I use the stock coolant temp sensor, the oil pressure sensor is one cheap ebay/wish sensor not recommended but it's only a simple 10bar 150 psi 5volt sensor. If your car is a 940 with a b230fk/ft the stock flywheel has 60-2 trigger and the stock sensors is a vr-sensor that works fine for me. I know people with other ecu brands that changes to bmw vr-sensors if they are having trouble.
  4. Hello I don't know if this is even possible but can you bend the valves in the head with to much crank enrichment or prime?. Had my cylinder head at the shop for maintenance and porting and all the valves on the exhaust side was a little bit bent and my engine is and old generation engine so the valves can't hit the pistons and i can't see any marks on my pistons either. I had trouble getting the car to start in the late summer so i tried with large amount of crank enrichment to get the car to start easier with e85. Probably was the valves already bent when i bought the head second handed. But i ask anyway so i maybe can rule things out
  5. This is the only picture i have of the injectors for now. I can remove one injector in a day or two if you want more detailed.
  6. Hi next year i am thinking of retune my car from traditional to modelled fuel equation. But it's hard to get data for my injectors. The company who i bought the injectors from could only get injector dead time for the 1200 cc injectors. But they said it's almost the same injectors. My injectors is called Bosch ev14 modified, 12 ohms and delivers 1300 cc at 3 bar fuel pressure. This year i have run the car with the 1200 cc injector dead times and my lambda is almost spot on. A little jumpy on idle and i don't know if that is because of injector dead time or some other factor. How important is it with correct injector dead times if you want to run modelled fuel and what can i do if don't have 100% correct dead times or other data? 1200-ev14.pdf
  7. The stock turbo is very small with alot of back pressure in the exhaust. But yeah the ignition advance is probably very safe on boost and the old 8 valve volvo engines sure do like higher ignition advance. But the turbo is going to be upgraded this winter and i probably got a boost leak that i need to find.
  8. Hi Here is my Volvo 940 turbo with a G4+ Monsoon installed by me. Using stock 60-2 vr crank sensor and a rebuilt distributor with vr for cam sync. Running sequential on the injectors and a VAG wasted spark coil hidden under the intake. Also hooked up speed signal and oil pressure, have wires in the engine bay for fuel pressure sensor but not connected yet. Also stock tacho,iac valve and ce light is working. Took the car to a dyno to get help with the fuel and ignition table. Otherwise i try to learn and tune by myself. It made 202 whp with stock turbo and exhaust at around 12-14(0.9-1.0 bar) psi on E85. Bigger intercooler and bigger valves in the head and bigger cam. So in the winter i will upgrade the turbo and exhaust. Already got 1300cc injectors and a DW400 pump in the tank Still working on cold start and idle. As it supposed to be used as a daily driver but only in the summer. Will attach a log file and setup file. Feel free to take a look and make any suggestions. I know my IAT Wastegate trim table is wrong. b230.pclr log.llg
  9. Hi I am new to tuning. I know the basics but i am more experienced in installation than tuning. So i have installed a Link G4+ Monsoon to my Volvo 8 valve b230 turbo engine. Running with 1300cc injectors and a custom made cam trigger as secondary trigger. My Ve table and ignition table is tuned by a tuner in a dyno but i ran the car to the tuner so he could not help me so much with the cold start settings. It's running on E85 It takes long time to crank the engine and when the engine starts it runs very rich in the beginning. I have tried to rise and lower the crank enrichment and also tried with different prime settings but i feel it make no difference. Sometimes while cranking with high cranking enrichment numbers when the car is cold it ignites in the exhaust. I don't have the trigger scope function so i am not sure when the sync trigger is triggered if that could be a problem. Also i am still laborating with the iac so the rpm is a bit high in the log file until i lowered it If somebody has time and could check out my tune and give me some hints and check if things looks ok Log 2020-06-7 8;06;42 pm.llg latest.pclr
  10. Hello I have wired up a Link G4+ Monsoon with 60-2 cranktrigger and camsync. Wasted spark coil and sequential fuel injection to my Volvo redblock B230 and i have also wired in the stock iac bosch pwm two wire valve. But i have problem set it up. If i run test mode on the valve it makes noise around 1-40hz over that it's silent. And in my open loop iac table nothing happens between 0-30% over 30% and up the engine goes down in rpm instead of higher. So i have adjusted the throttle body instead to get rpm. And when i try to start the engine at warm temperature it starts and then dies if don't use the throttle for a couple of seconds. After warmup and at idle i have lambda 1 It's also a pain to start cold with e85 even with 400% at crank enrichment and 200% first start crank. But don't know if it's to much.
  11. I can confirm Realdash works with g4+ monsoon with short datastream and 57600. Tried it on my macbook with windows 10. Gonna try in the future with a tablet instead.
  12. Great, bought a relay and cable today. But the problem to store config was there before i hooked up the electrical fan. Tried to update firmware to the latest version but stil the same problem. A friend borrow my ecu to try with my ecu in his car to see if his trigger problems went away. But he couldn't load his config into my ecu. We have both Link G4 Storm Edit: The store problem seems to have fix it self today
  13. Hi I have removed the mechanical fan from the waterpump on my 7m-gte and installed an electrical fan from a Volvo V70 with Volvos 2-speed relay. I have wired it in to Auxiliary Output 1 so the fan runs at full speed. The cable for low speed is unused at the moment. It's working great with ignition on. Fan starts and stops at the right temperature. But when i am turning off the ignition key and the link ecu gets powerless the fan starts again and runs all the time. The volvo fan relay only have one positive cable so i can't connect the relay solenoid to ignition switch. I guess i need to hook up another relay before the fan relay and connect it to ignition switch so it can switch off the current to 30 on the fan relay. 30 is connected directly to the positive terminal on the battery now. I am also having problem to store settings to ecu. Each time i try to save something it ends up with this 'The ecu has been reset, probably due a short term power cut or a temporary low supply voltage. Ecu memory has been reloaded. CAUTION: previous changes that were not stored may have been reset.'
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