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  1. Thanks gents I think I got it now *fingers crossed*
  2. Gidday folks I have just installed some R35 coils in my RB26 (R32 GTR) - previously standard. I have a single table of recommended dwell times for the coils. (as below) Recommended dwell settings: 5.0ms @ 8v 4.8ms @ 9v 4.7ms @ 10v 4.6ms @ 11v 4.4ms @ 12v 4.2ms @ 13v 4.1ms @ 14v 4.0ms @ 15v 3.8ms @ 16v when I went to look at the table (because I'm a noob) I expected to see a single column to adjust these settings but was met with a table with multiple columns. I don't plan on going into the tuners for another month but would to get this fixed up as I am a little paranoid I'll burn them out as I have seen mentioned thanks in advance for your help!!
  3. Legend thanks mate, appreciate your reply...
  4. Hi all I am eventually looking into getting like a link dash and I want as much standard info feed into that as possible, as well as ditching my blitz 4 stage boost controller and let the ecu take care of it Can I please have some recommendations on what to get. - my AEM gauge 02 sensor has packed it so I would like that info passed through the ecu, I guess it should already be getting AIT and Oil pressure, I know it isn't getting boost as that is displayed on a gauge and controlled via controller (only during tuning) My car is a R32GTR ECU = Link G4+ thanks for your time
  5. MRE32

    car wont start

    I can hear the pump turn on like normal injectors and coil test has been done and all were clicking away. I have pressure at reg video-1476953531.mp4
  6. MRE32

    car wont start

    thank you Adam Log 2016-10-23 12;54;51 pm.llg 111gtr 221016.pclr
  7. MRE32

    car wont start

    Yup wss running fine.... No fauts codes... has spark/fuel
  8. MRE32

    car wont start

    Standard cas with modified disc Was kinda wondering if my ecu may have lost its tune... if thats possible?!
  9. MRE32

    car wont start

    hey guys I'm clutching at straws but could someone in the know have a quick look at my tune to see if anything is wrong, missing etc Nissan Skyline R32 GTR thanks heaps 111gtr 221016.pclr
  10. MRE32

    boost spike

    thanks that done the trick, I'll have to monitor it on another run to make sure the boost settles down after the initial spike.. Your a legend Adamw
  11. MRE32

    boost spike

    champion that makes total sense!!
  12. MRE32

    boost spike

    because I am a newbie, what is the top line in the table in reference too.
  13. MRE32

    boost spike

    I will do so tomorrow, just wanted to show you my table first.... Thanks again, will let you know how I go.
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