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  1. I'm currently looking for gauge options for the Link G4+ I would love to run Defi gauges, I like the idea of multiple dedicated analogue displays but at the same time don't want to run multiple sensors of the same type... especially as.. well.. i have a Link... as such I'm looking at gauge options that piggy back specifically on the Link... I'm not a huge fan of the Link G4+ official options at the moment, so I'm looking into other options and Perfect Tuning's gauge has caught my attention. Has anybody got any experience with this... http://perfecttuning.net/en/gauge/68-universal-gauge-linkg4.
  2. Thanks Simon, I just this morning found one of the ground wire that was frayed, so i fixed that, re-assembled the ECU with protection on the back of the case to avoid any potential earthing from the board (i know it shouldn't but figured may aswel while it's out) and relocated it all, ensuring that bolt is done up tight and all is looking good no error codes , it was probably the weak earth. Thanks for all of the replies guys, a good ECU makes everything so much simpler ^^
  3. Just an update: I had assumed the faults would be displayed as a history list of when they happen rather than just the last time it happened. anyway, turns out it's my TPS signal that seems to be faulty, tapping the casing on the ECU seems to interfere with the signal so I'l be looking further into it this evening, I assume there's no soldering with the Link G4+ for an R33 GTST and that it just connects up to the OEM harness, so I'm not sure why there's a problem, not sure what to expect really but will open the case tonight as the TPS loom seems fine, otherwise the next point of failure wou
  4. Thanks, waitinf for ECU code from the mapper, hopefully it's nothing serious, history only went as far back as the moment in time I connected it with it locked
  5. Hi guys. Brand new G4+ owner here, just got it back from mapping and 2 days later the car seems to be cutting ignition intermittently, I'm assuming it;'s the ECU doing some kind of Engine protection and so I'm looking at how to view the fault codes in the ECU, I've connected it up to my tablet but the only fault it's showing me is code:17 (along with password protection) but no history of anything before that, I'm assuming I need to have the tuner's password to access the information, or does the ECU not store previous faults, and only shows them at run time?
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