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  1. Ross

    Altezza plugin issue

    on thebase map shown to me the rpm limit and map were both set to rotary and base timing was set to -5 as the ref timing cheers ross
  2. Ross

    Altezza plugin issue

    Hi mate a little unrelated to the issue you are having with the can dash issue but is this the map the car is currently running ? if so i would be a little concerned as to how a couple if the parameters below were introduced and has any of the can data also been changed but i have had a look thu your map and noticed a few things of concern the limits are all set to rotary only also the injector short pulse widths are not correct which will cause al kinds of low speed running issues the base timing has been set up using after top dead centre numbers not btdc charge correction is also
  3. Hi ive just had a look at your map to will need to pull down the table numbers by about 40 % in the cranking and post start menu then fully tune your fuel maps before going back to your cold start hey look only twenty years of tuning links and im just a newbie lol i love this
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