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  1. 5 minutes ago, Adamw said:

    Those settings are used by the ECU only if you have an aux output set to "engine fan" and that aux output is connected to the fan relay.  Just like the ECU has settings for VVT, it does not mean all cars have ECU controlled camshafts.

    Allright:) The Aux output is 5volts, so I need a relay with 5v and 12v then?

  2. Somebody knows If The oem ecu of Toyota switches The engine fan with 12volt? I have a Link ecu but The link doesnt switch The engine fan. We changed The fan wire to another pin(injector6)  in The connector en in The ecu changed settings but with no succes, If we put 12V in The pin The fans start running, I think we must couple a relay to iT to switch. I think iT a little strange for such expensive ecu that this not works Like oem?


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