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  1. mack85n

    GP PWM Hz output

    Thanks for the reply Adam, I am just trying to learn as much as possible about the product at this stage. I've been looking at Line pressure solenoid control for the trans. In any case I have Dave K assisting me with the build so he will be able to take care of it quite easily. Thanks,
  2. mack85n

    GP PWM Hz output

    When setting up a Duty cycle based solenoid through a GP PWM output, where would I find the correct frequency for that particular solenoid for the setup in the GP PWM settings? Through the OEM manual or can I test the current circuit?
  3. My V88 Serial number in #3145. Does that support CAN or do I need an update applied?
  4. Thanks Simon, Sorry I looked into it and its very straight forward.
  5. Hi Simon, I believe it is based on the TC Lock up modulating up to 5V so I assume this is the same as the line pressure id directly related to the Voltage applied. Is there a 3D table that can be set-up for the GP PWM output or does is have a fixed output? Hi Brad, Just using the OEM Nissan TCU. I was told that after fitting a turbo there will be an issue created where the line pressure to the trans will be lower at lower loads as the TCU wouldn't expect a great deal of load on the drivetrain. When the turbo is fitted this all changes obviously. Have you found this before? Thanks
  6. Is it possible to configure an output that modulates up to 5V based on TPS and RPM Axis? I'm looking at ways to externally increase modulation line pressure to my Auto trans when I come on boost. Thanks,
  7. Thanks Dave, Good to see you on the forum. You've obviously got a wealth of Knowledge! Which Shop do you run in Cairns?
  8. Hi Dave, That would be great! Is there any chance I could get it from you? Regards, Chris I'm also very interested to see what you controlled with the Link/Vipec. I have purchased a V88 and I'm unsure as to how far I need to go with the V88 as far as engine control. I know of a shop in Vic that runs G4 Storms only controlling Fuel and Ignition. How far did you go with your set up? I really appreciate your help. Regards,
  9. I'd rather not name names sorry. I'm a bit disappointed but that's the way it goes. The other shop I called were great. It's strange as the first shop have usually been great. when I was building my LS1 they were good to deal with.
  10. Thanks Jase, I got onto another workshop who were more than happy to help me out. As I live in WA it can be a little bit difficult at times, Thanks to everyone who chipped in their support. I really appreciate the fact that I can get decent service from other dealers if need be.
  11. I'm in Australia, No need to apologize, I'll ring around. The support I receive from this forum alone is the reason I chose a Link ECU. Thanks
  12. Is it common for a Link dealer to not sell a CUSB cable to other tuners? I damaged mine and was informed that I would not be sold a replacement as I don't operate out of a performance shop. Is that common dealer support?
  13. I am wiring in a V88 to a TB48 and doing some research and found an article stating that a piggyback ECU can only control the fueling when the stock ECU is in Open loop. How is this correct if I wire the injector drives directly to my V88? As I understand it using the V88 I can control any where from the basics of fuel and ignition through to these and boost control, E-Throttle, Knock Control etc. am I correct?
  14. thanks, i have base line specs for injection duration for the injectors I intend to run if set up as a fully sequential injection system. Would these inputs be the same for a fuel table on 720 degree injection in semi sequential ?
  15. Which would be the best approach to wiring a 6 cylinder engine with individual injectors on an ECU (Link G4+ storm blue) that has 4 injector drives? Also what what is the idea behind batch injection being adjustable to have injection occur every 360 or 720 degrees of rotation. If tuning a traditional fuel map would injection durations be double for a 720 injection as opposed to 360 degree. Just looking for further explination on the tuning approach to this.
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