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  1. Mustang

    Rev Limiter

    Thank you Adamw
  2. Mustang

    Rev Limiter

    Question regarding the Rev Limiter, RPM Limit Mode set to Ignition %cut. Dual Tables and Advanced Mode : Off What is the control range RPM with Advanced Mode set to Off ? Help File Limit Control Range Specifies the range that the limiting operates over, the Limit control range operates under the specified limit value. For example, with an RPM limit set to 7000 and a control range of 200, the limit would operate between 6800 and 7000 RPM. A typical RPM Limit Control Range would be 200 RPM Thank you Marc
  3. Adamw is right, Euro S50B30 has single, stepless high-pressure inlet Vanos, Euro S50B32 has stepless high-pressure double Vanos.
  4. Adam, thanks for your answer, will use a Hall Sensor. Marc
  5. have to install a Atom G4x on a VW Boxer engine, engine has a Distributor with a Pertronix igniter installed. Must use the Distributor, is it possible to use the Pertonix Igniter as a trigger sensor? Thank you Marc
  6. So i changed my Laptop Country / Language settings from German to English / New Zealand and voila - it works. Atom ECU is online and i can open Atom G4x Maps offline. Hope you find the bug. Thanks Marc
  7. Yes, done it on two Laptops and one PC, always the same result, no connection to ECU. Install 6.17.22 Software, and it works perfect, i dont understand it. Is it possible that this is only a Problem with the 6.18.20 Software and the Atom G4x ECU?
  8. uninstall and install the latest Software several times, always the same result, offline i cannot open the Atom 1UZ sample Map and cannot not connect to ECU. I install 6.17.22 Software, connects to ECU immediatly.
  9. Adam, same result , not connecting to the latest Software. Installed the previus software version 6.17.22, immediatly connects to ECU. Another strange thing with the 6.18.20 Software, when offline it is not possible to open a Map i made with 6.17.22, and also i cannot open the Atom 1UZ sample Map, see screen shot info:
  10. need advice, i just installed the latest PCLink 6.18.20 Software, now i cannot connect to the Atom G4X ECU. It searches for ever. No connecting problem with the previous G4X PCLink Software. Device Manager, COM 3
  11. Adamw, Thanks for your answer, good advice. You are very correct about the worn flywheel teeth, a old problem i am fighting with for 30+ years. I have my own Porsche 944 / 60-2 Flywheel kits, a Pulley mount 60 - 2 Trigger Wheel and a 60-2 Flywheel, same as the Porsche 968 / 60-2 Flywheel but for use with the larger dia. Porsche 944 Turbo Clutch. Reason for asking is that i was looking to use the stock Flywheel for a cheapo Customer who don´t want to buy my one of my Trigger Kits.
  12. Vaughan, just to be sure and for future Porsche 944 projects, if i want to run direct spark & seq. Injection i can use the Porsche 132 teeth Crank Trigger and add a Cam Sync Sensor. Trigger Mode = Multi - Tooth, Multi Tooth Postion = Crank Tooth Count = 132 Sync Tooth = 1 Trigger 2 / Sync Mode = Cam Pulse 1x Correct? Thank you
  13. have to install a Atom G4x on a Porsche 944, Customer wants wasted Spark Igntion. Is it possible to use the Porsche 944 Trigger Mode ( 132 teeth trigger and 1 sync on crank ) for wasted Spark Ignition? Thanks Marc
  14. Mustang

    G4x Trigger Modes

    Simon, sorry for my bad explanation / english. I know how to open Set Base Timing. Just want to know what i have to write in the Offset Field since the procedure to calalibrate the Distributor Trigger is not the same as in the G4 + Ecu. How do i set the base timing? Lock Timing to 10° BTDC , rotate Distributor until it matches 10° BTDC and set the offset to 0 or ....?
  15. Mustang

    G4x Trigger Modes

    Simon, Install the ATOM G4x tomorrow. Distributor contains the Hall Sensor. I set Trigger 1 mode to multi tooth and trig 2 sync mode to none. The Trigger Calibration Table for 1 Tooth Per TDC Trigger Mode to set the base timing is not available. How do i set the base timing? Lock Timing to 10° BTDC , rotate Distributor until it matches 10° BTDC and set the offset to 0?
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