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  1. Thanks Koracing, great advice. I will certainly try your idea out. Much appreciated.
  2. I would never have worked that out - thanks again for the speedy response Adam! I had also misinterpreted how timing is re-introduced. So for an Advance Delay of 1.0 s and an Advance Rate of 0.5 degrees/sec, 5 degrees of timing is restored after 11 s providing you stay in that cell. My datalog was from a 10 minute track session and the 9 knock events were mostly around 5500 rpm which is around peak torque, suggesting it was probably real knock? This is a great forum!!
  3. Thank you for the speedy reply, I'm still confused though. I should have included my tune and log to help explain: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CtbSuLON4Rc5y7WZJKokeaEF8vvMiYRf/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/18GwVXLmhthmeB2o6udd0pL4r_3_TkMFi/view?usp=sharing At time 2:41:900 Knk Level Cyl 1 exceeded Knock Threshold resulting in Cyl1 Knk I-Trim removing 5 degrees of timing and Knock Count Global incrementing to 1. This is what I expected. But, at time 5:33:845 Knk Level Cyl 1 did not appear to exceeded Knock Threshold but Cyl1 Knk I-Trim rem
  4. I thought I understood what Knock Count Global meant but after reviewing my datalog, I don't understand it. In my log file, I have Knock Threshold which I believe is the same as Knock Target in the tune. The help file says: Knock Count Global - The total number of times knock level has exceeded the knock target for all cylinders. Does this mean, Knock Count Global increments whenever ALL cylinders simultaneously exceed Knock Threshold? or maybe, Knock Count Global increments whenever ANY cylinder exceeds Knock Threshold? I understand that Knock is only interpret
  5. Thanks Adam, you're right, different tables were allocated.
  6. Thanks for the update. I since noticed that the file compare tool displays incorrect data for these tables. I can share some files if you can't reproduce this?
  7. I think it would be a great improvement if this could be exported/imported like you can with the various tables in the tune.
  8. Thank you, much appreicated. I installed the latest PCLink and updated the firmware as you suggested. I did experience some strange behaviour though: A while back, I set Lambda Mode OFF to do some refinements to fuel table Once complete, I set Lambda Mode Auto Mode (Wide Band) and the following tables were missing: CLL Pos Trim CLL Neg Trim CLL Update rate I found that by setting FTrim Tables to OFF, then back to 3D Table again, the missing tables re-appeared. Not sure if this is expected behaviour but it confused me.
  9. I found that my CLL trim tables were missing after the last software update. I noticed a reported bug on the forum. On the downloads page I see: Ver: (Released: 10th November 2020) – View release notes The release notes say: PCLink version | DLL version 3659 | G4+ Firmware Version The choice of languages was... English/日本語 English/Español English/中文 I chose the first option, is it a typo that it says English/日本語? The file that downloaded was: PCLink G4+ EN-JP V5.6.8.3669 Setup.exe How do I get Ver: to
  10. Tim D

    TP / Idle control

    Thank you for the suggestions, much appreciated.
  11. Tim D

    TP / Idle control

    I've lived with a weird idle control situation for some time and decided to capture a log to see what's happening. When driving 'normally' and coming to a standstill, occasionally the engine speed will suddenly jump up a little. It's no big deal, I'd just like to resolve it. It appears that despite AP being at zero, the TP jumps up for some reason. See screenshot, tune and datalog below: Screenshot: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AXVKoc_vjqeM8Qq-3aWgT_zJsY37zymf/view?usp=sharing Tune: https://drive.google.com/file/d/14fVHTdeCB9rt0rWP9-6zm887joFVi
  12. Tim D

    dashboard arduino

    There's lots of ways of achieving what you want and I am happy to share my approach which works well. I stream 56 bytes (7 frames) from ECU to dash, then broadcast this data over bluetooth (if laptop is running, the data is logged). I'm guessing you don't have other CAN devices on the same CAN bus as your dash? In this case, the concept of priorities is not that relevant (there won't be any other CAN traffic to contend with). In my MBED dash, I stream 7 frames all on the same CAN ID of 1300 (arbitrary ID). These byes are streamed 'end to end' (as observed on oscilloscope), leaving
  13. Tim D

    dashboard arduino

    Hi, I made a simple dash using an MBED, so there's a lot of similarities I guess? I ended up getting a Picoscope to look at the CAN signals, great for debugging as it decodes the CAN data. Possible ideas you could look at... Can you receive and process the CAN data at 50 Hz? Maybe start at a lower rate ? Have you set the CAN ID in your code to match the Link ID of 1000? For some reason, I found that a CAN speed of 1 Mbps worked best (maybe an MBED timing thing!). During debugging, CAN data such as Gear postion could be useful as you already know what the result sho
  14. Thanks very much for the detailed response. 1. Your assumption was correct, I was learning the track. Good point about the wastegate DC table, I had previously spent a lot of time tuning it, but more recently, had to adjust the WG actuator as I think the spring had relaxed over time. My original method of tuning WG table was to set the AP/TP table to limit TP to 70%, 80%, 90% etc to precisely target the relevant rows in WG table (does that make sense?) 2. I will review WG table as you suggest. All your other suggestions make great sense - I will do some more tuning..... T
  15. Thanks Adam, here’s a tune and log that works well on the road… 788.pclr https://drive.google.com/open?id=1pjCW7otZjlRO3j8JqtsJj-2yhvleHtnw 788 (On Road).llg https://drive.google.com/open?id=1zBqW645IBygLo8KAn92o901FGIpFjJYn But not so good on the track… 788 (Brands Hatch).llg https://drive.google.com/open?id=1LQvNR99bBTaqN-AVhe5ytYShSjByVNMp A few major tweaks to bring it (sort of) under control… 793.pclr https://drive.google.com/open?id=1e86d4wXrepp3DSImjCoY2RQhGgPd0zeO 793.llg https://drive.google.com/open?id=1WyUPMAdXe0I20CgvfD8J26by-ut
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