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  1. It lives! Thanks for all your help guys, ended up being a combination of the newer map and adjusting a few settings and fault finding a couple of bits on the car (front to rear cam sensor etc). Runs now, and nearly ready to go off for mapping.
  2. Excellent thanks very much, will check this weekend and report back
  3. Hi, attached below. Thanks for looking into it Not had a chance to test/check the above yet as we won't be able to get to the car until the weekend. katie.pclr
  4. Hi, we've definitely unlocked the ECU as it's been installed by our dealer and they assisted with the first power up/test cycles. We'll check the under runtime, and the triggerscope readings next chance we get and come back to you. Thanks for the suggestions
  5. Hi, we've recently installed a Link G4+ Fury on our S13/1jz swap. We'd used a 2jz basemap from online to fire up the ECU and test the coilpacks and injectors were all firing (in test mode). All worked ok. However, when we tried cranking the engine to start - injectors and coils won't fire. We suspect it was crank angle sensor trigger wheel settings, and tried a couple of settings found online but made no difference. Engine turned, just no spark or fuel. Does anyone have a basemap for a 1jz non-VVTi that we could try to just get the engine running before we take it to a tuner for mapping? Wa
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