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  1. Hi to all Dear Developers, how do you feel about new devices from Apple? When will there be driver support for these devices? I usually use MacBook Air 2017 on i3 Intel and Parallels Desktop, but I bought MacBook Air M1 and install Parallels Desktop ARM. I am facing the problem of USB Drivers.... Where are no ARM32-64 USB drivers for linkEcu Do you plan to release updates ?
  2. streetenergy

    Subaru GRB

    Hi everyone! So i was update a PClink and sow a new startUP basemap for Subaru GRB but is it no any info about it For what ECU is this basemap ? How about CAN massages for ABS and DCCD control ? How about CAN massages ford Climate Control and start/stop swich ?
  3. Hi Adam My name is Alex. Returning to our question, I would like to say the following: we conducted some tests and realized communication via means of CAN bus between control units Motec PDM 15 , Motec key pad 15 , Motec c127 dash , link Fury and RaceGrade TC8. We programmed the CAN bus in the LINK ECU to receive output status messages of CAN DI#1 as you suggested in your example.... So.... If canbus Receive Motec E888 is active, the status massages of CAN DI#1 is not accepted.... By Receive Motec E888 accepted massages from RAceGrade TC8..... so.. When I turn off re
  4. Hello every one! Our company S-MOTORSPORT is engaged in assembling motorsport wiring for sports cars in Russia. At the moment we are assembling three cars for drift. We really like your products so we use control units LINK Fury, thunder.... But we also use MOTEC products for assembly, such as PDM and Keypad. So with each new project we are faced with problems of compatibility CAN For Tech Support : Is it possible to upgrade the software to achieve full compatibility of these devices? I now have a completely assembled system (Link fury+MotecPDM15+MoteckeyPad15) o
  5. Yes, guys, I do limit using Gp limit but it's not exactly what we need. We often go mountain race in which the pilots once to look at the sensor readings, and the cut-off in terms of turnover are not always there to save the motor from overheating. Because the throttle is closed to us the only sensible option. I understand that it is possible to set a limit on the Equi that the engine does not overheat, but then the pilot and reach the finish line will not be able to more or less as soon as possible. Moreover, the pilot always knows what restriction on the turnover issued and always focused on
  6. Yes. I need to limit the throttle position when EGT is to high. I think e-throttle must be close to 15-20% of opening and blocks , and when EGT is get down e-throttle control will becom .... sorry for my English ))). I may do this limit be e-throttle map 3 , but is need to ALS . 1 map to city , 2nd map to race , 3rd race+ als
  7. Hi dear developers! Yesterda, pondering the next two projects I realized that i do not have a map for the implementation of all ideas. More precisely, i can cope with the fact that there is in the current version of the software, but if i do everything as relies, i need another Map. Soo i have a e-throttle and EGT sensor. 4D fuel map is active and it's adjust the AFR of EGT sensor - good , but thats not all. So i want to Link-ecu is limit the e-throttle to 15-20%. For the realization that i can adjust the e-thettle map 3 wich will depend of the EGT sensor voltage, BUT i think it's will be real
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