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  1. I have the whole AEM uego X wideband kit. It has it's own power and ground and then the various different outputs seen in this PDF on page 3, sorry for not linking it in the previous post I meant to! http://aemelectronics.com/files/instructions/30-0300 X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Gauge.pdf It seems like I would run the white wire 0-5v analog output to the top right of the connector on the ecu and not have to run anything else because I already have it all wired into the car?
  2. If my sensor has it's own power already, do I just have to run a 0-5v output from the sensor to the input on the board? I have positive 0-5v output and negative 0-5v output. One of these would be the AN 11 volt lambda?
  3. g4+ here's the 4 pin connector I am referencing, USDM ej257. I have the male end of this 4 pin connector- I just need to wire up the 4 wires in the right spots. Thanks!
  4. I have a g4+ almost ready to go into the car. I am planning out how to run the wires and I purchased a male connector that will fit directly into the supplied "wideband' 4 pin female end on the ecu. I just can't find which pins correspond to which wires for the wideband. Does anyone have a diagram of this?
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