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  1. Do they show the same Lambda values? what Stoichiometric ratio are you using on the ECU?
  2. As a note on this it looks like you don't need anywhere near as much first crank prime when you are using wall wetting as they end up doing similar things to each other when starting the engine.
  3. If the speedometer on the dash is still working but you aren't getting anything at the ECU end I would hazard a guess that there is something wrong in the dash. One work around would be to hook the gearbox speed signal straight to the ECU (as well as the dash), you could probably get away with only attaching the signal wire (not the ground as well). The best way to do this at a guess would be to pop the dash cluster out, de-pin the dash to ECU speed signal from the dash plug and then connect that to the gearbox to dash speed signal wire. Make sure the DI pullup in the EUC is off if doing this.
  4. If you're not having issues with the ECU disconnecting unexpectedly then you can ignore the error message. They were made visible so that we could get better feedback from people experiencing connection issues but don't affect the operation of the ECU.
  5. Dual E-Throttle control for G4X ECUs is coming in release 6.20 (out very soon). On the storm you will need two external H-Bridges (https://dealers.linkecu.com/G4RET?quantity=1) and on the Xtreme or Fury you can use the internal driver for one E-Throttle and an external for the other.
  6. Vaughan

    Math Block

    I suspect this is because the math block is performing the operation on the values in degrees C (changing units is purely a PCLink visibility thing, the ECU always works in metric units). If you want that differential value in Fahrenheit you will need to add a conversion to that equation. ((a-b) × 9/5) + 32
  7. The GTT plugin fitted into my RB25de S2 Stagea (factory grey plug) ECU box without issues but I wouldn't expect the GTT plugin to fit into an R33 ECU box if the factory ECU in that box has a blue plug.
  8. I ended up pulling apart most of my body loom to rewire things and from memory that output shaft speed one came through one of the 3 auto plugs attached to the rhs fender just above the chassis rail in front of the strut tower. That means if you don't your speed signal being fed into that plug where the auto box loom plugged into you won't have any speed signal coming through that ECU pin.
  9. As a side note to this I manual converted an RB25de S2 stagea (Grey plug ECU because Stagea and the pinout all matched up to the NEO motors) and I did have a wire in pin 29 which was the speed signal from the dash. My speed signal wire was yellow with a green stripe.
  10. Most engines run well using MAP for load. The exception is engines which have very little vacuum or erratic vacuum/MAP readings which is typically engines with Individual throttle bodies (ITBS) as the lack of plenum between the throttle body and intake valves mean the pressure varies massively over each intake stroke making it very hard to figure out how much air is entering the cylinder based on the air pressure. The setups with TPS/RPM on the main fuel table and a MAP correction on a 4d table are typically for turbocharged engines with ITBs as the same throttle position with a higher air pre
  11. It does store over power cycles but I would suspect that your engine light isn't actually controlled by CE function, the G4+ GTR/GTS sample maps had the CE Light turn on when Coolant temp or MAP went too high so have a quick look in your map to see what is actually controlling it.
  12. It is a G4+, the G4 only ever came in an extruded case with only one plug.
  13. I would expect that the rad cap setup won't be able to flow enough volume to prevent noticeable spikes and I would expect there to be delays in its operation both of which would mean that sharp pressure spikes should be visible if you did have combustion gases entering the coolant system.
  14. Vaughan

    DI on Evo PNP G4X

    Where are you finding this information and which EVO specifically, if it is different on a particular model that is useful information that I can put in the help manual to help others.
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