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    Vaughan got a reaction from koracing in Please fix 2JZ base tune modelled fuel density coefficient   
    Have changed to 0.745 which matches most of the rest of the sample maps, corrected any other sample maps which were also different, will be in the next release
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    Vaughan reacted to Ryley Coker in Idle   
    I’ll try that in a bit when I go for my first 50 miles
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    Vaughan reacted to Edmund Turner in Cant change Auxilary input and output functions in Link G4X   
    Vaughan, Thanks for your clarification and support. 
    And to share for others benefit; my newbie mistake was that I didnt realized you could expand on the GP inputs/ouputs as I was trying to reasssign the existing preloaded functions to other options.
    My many thanks for your support. Cheers.

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    Vaughan reacted to Oldmanz350 in Speed Source Setup, 350Z, Link G4X PnP   
    I'm Blind, got it! 
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    Vaughan got a reaction from Oldmanz350 in Speed Source Setup, 350Z, Link G4X PnP   
    You're logging the CAN Freq values aren't you, you need to be logging the LF, LR, RF and RR Wheel Speed values.
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    Vaughan got a reaction from Mach in Trigger setup : Honda 3 cylinder engine   
    If you can send us a good triggerscope and we should be able to get a mode in the software for it. Probably best to remove the spark plugs before capturing the triggerscope so that it's not affected by compression. Alternatively if you could measure the angle of the extra tooth relative to the other two on either side of it, is it exactly halfway between? If it is halfway between and the other 3 teeth are evenly spaced then we won't need a triggerscope to figure out the angles of each tooth.
    The other useful piece of information would be the location of cyl1 tdc on the compression stroke relative to the teeth so that we can try and set the mode up to have an offset of 0.
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    Vaughan got a reaction from JeremiahJ in Cant change Auxilary input and output functions in Link G4X   
    So in G4X instead of going to the pin and telling it what function you want it to do you instead go to the function you want to set up and tell it what pin you want to use. For example if you want to setup the AC Request input you need to go to Chassis and Body -> AC Clutch Control, change Mode to whichever style of AC you want to use and then set the AC Request source to the input you want to be your AC request.
    It is a bit different to G4+ but when you get used to it it is a lot faster and easier to use. As an extra bit of useful information double clicking on that locked Function setting when that input or output is being used by a function will take you straight to where it is being used.

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    Vaughan reacted to Mach in Trigger setup : Honda 3 cylinder engine   
    I have tested the E07Z trigger mode and confirmed that it all works OK.
    RPM is stable and no trigger error has occurred.
    The trigger calibrate value is as below :
     -Trigger Offset : 27.0 deg
     -Ignition Delay : 80 microsec

    I really appreciate your support.
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    Vaughan reacted to BoyofBeef in 1JZ VVTi Novice adjustments. (Crackle and pops)   
    I know this is becoming a bit of a blogpost, but I've managed to get it to work flawlessly now.
    This is just for anyone that is interested in getting a few pops and bangs on a gearchange/downshift without having fuel cut off all of the time, and, with some overlapping 4D and fuel cut ignition tables.

    Disclaimer: I am not a tuner, simply a novice that is taking a bit of interest.

    Above are my settings for this.
    Cutting the long story even longer:
    The fuel cut is on, but it takes 2 seconds to initiate because of the "activation delay" parameter.
    Within these 2 seconds, we want the 4D Ign table to take over, but only for these 2 seconds, and then we want to return to "Normal over-run fuel cut timing" after these 2 seconds are over.
    This is activated by Virtual aux 1.
    Virtual aux 1 is "On" when: MAP > 40kPa & Timer 1 <= 2 Seconds & ECT > 70 Degrees C

    We have Timer 1 on virtual aux 2 that activates when TPS%<8 (Same as fuel-cut)
    We have Timer 1 set to 3 seconds (3 seconds is arbitrary, as long as it is >2 seconds, we are okay)

    The 2 seconds on the timer are important, as we don't want any overlap (Although I'm not sure if it would make any difference when there is no fuel being injected). Once the timer is above 2 seconds, the "Pops and bangs" in the 4D table switch off, and the overrun fuel cut takes over.
    It is also important to have the polarity for the timer as "Reset on Off/On edge", as we want the 4D to only activate when we take our foot off the throttle. The "Off/on edge" means that the timer resets when VA2 starts.

    Below is the time plot for this, which should explain it better than I can on how this works. (Please note, pops and bangs 4D is called "Chav mode").

    Shout out to @koracingand @VaughanI've learned a hell of a lot from this, so I appreciate all of your support.

    Kind regards,

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    Vaughan got a reaction from k fuku in I don't know how to use the AUX assigned to the table axis when it is subdivided from 0 to 4.   
    Something like that should give you 3 modes as specified.
    1 = DI2 inactive and VAux4 inactive
    2 = DI2 Active
    3 = DI2 Inactive and VAux4 Active

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    Vaughan got a reaction from BoyofBeef in 1JZ VVTi Novice adjustments. (Crackle and pops)   
    Attach a copy of your tune please and I will show you what I was meaning
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    Vaughan got a reaction from BoyofBeef in 1JZ VVTi Novice adjustments. (Crackle and pops)   
    I've kind of played with this in my MR2 but my setup is a little different. I have overrun fuel cut on with a 0.5s torque reduction of -40deg (max in overun fuel cut setting is 25 but I sneaked another 15 deg retard in using the 4D ignition table) and I find it does a combination of crackle pops and bangs when coming off the throttle into overrun fuel cut and reentry from overrun fuel cut back into throttle. From my experience with this my recommendation would be maybe go so far as 0deg ign timing when in overrun and you might need to add extra fuel (from memory turning wall wetting on which added extra fuel when coming out of overrun fuel cut add more pops and bangs).
    You won't get anywhere near 0kpa MAP so probably best to just go take a log of a full throttle run then cut throttle completely and look at the log afterwards to see where it went. There is the risk that the overrun area will be very close to low throttle cruising and if this is the case then maybe look into leaving the main ignition table as is and having the 4D ignition table with a bunch of retard in it based on tps and rpm to make sure that the retard only comes in at no throttle rather than a similar vacuum but something more like 5% throttle.
    Disclaimer: I'm not a professional tuner, I just play around with my own engines at my own risk.
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    Vaughan got a reaction from JMP in 2GR-FE Wiring   
    one pin to switched power, one to an Aux, doesn't matter which way around the pins are, I used Aux1-4 but any of Aux1-10 and any spare inj or ign pins will suit from memory.
    I ran Bank 1 Inlet (rear bank) to Trigger 2 and used DI1-3 for the other 3 banks, DI4 can be also be used but you do need to connect Trig2 to one of the cams.
    I can't remember which way round I wired it but one of the crank pins to Trig 1 and the other to signal ground, it is quite easy to tell from a triggerscope whether or not you have these two the right way around, they do have to be a particular way.
    I just used the Link Looms so Shielded Trig 1&2 but not the other cam sensors.
    I've attached a copy of my basemap from a while ago, my engine has Cams and slightly bumped compression and there are a few other things setup in there like the ECU controlling the temperature gauge and speedo. That being said it should be fine for figuring out the basics and getting the engine started.
    2GR 309whp.pclx
    Have just realised that this is in the G4+ forum, your setup will be slightly different again if you are using a G4+ but the gist of it is the same
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    Vaughan reacted to DO1023 in 2GR-FE Wiring   
    Vaughn you are a saint. Thanks much!
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    Vaughan got a reaction from Oldmanz350 in g4x error: 1019 LINK_NOT_RESPONDING_CORRECTLY   
    If you're not having issues with the ECU disconnecting unexpectedly then you can ignore the error message. They were made visible so that we could get better feedback from people experiencing connection issues but don't affect the operation of the ECU.
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    Vaughan reacted to k fuku in Questions about future updates   
    I'll try to get the logs again later.
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    Vaughan reacted to Howard Coleman in Math Block   
    Thank you Vaughan for solving my puzzle. 
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    Vaughan reacted to nick.christ in RB25 Ecu Housing   
    Thanks for the info!
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    Vaughan reacted to Confused in Evo 6 Switchable Mapping Options   
    All of these are possible. I suggest you download and install PCLink (if you've not done so already), open it up, open an Evo base map, then also open the Help file, and start looking at the options and the help file.
    The Help file provided with these ECUs is the best sets of documentation I've ever seen - not only does it tell you how the software works, but also gives you help and advice on tuning, engine electrical systems and ECUs in general.
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    Vaughan reacted to Confused in ECU doesn't store fault codes?   
    if that's what it was, then based on Vaughan's post it's not a fault, it's a user configurable output based on a set of conditions, that just so happens to be configured to turn on the output that the CEL is also connected to - doubling up the usage of that physical output to denote multiple things.
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    Vaughan got a reaction from dx4picco in Radiator coolant pressure sensor   
    I would expect that the rad cap setup won't be able to flow enough volume to prevent noticeable spikes and I would expect there to be delays in its operation both of which would mean that sharp pressure spikes should be visible if you did have combustion gases entering the coolant system.
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    Vaughan reacted to MG123 in MINI COPER 2003 - G4X PLUGIN - COLD IDLE ISSUES/HUNTING - NEED HELP!   
    Hi Vaughan,

    File attached

    Thank you for your time!
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    Vaughan reacted to Mizan in DI on Evo PNP G4X   
    Got it on the website.. https://www.roadraceengineering.com/evo/tech/EVO-ecuwiring.htm
    ive done several conversion for oem evo ecu in which some customers who wanted the flatshift to be activated and i usually do it on the pin 43.
    would be great that to update the manual to help others.. but this is based on our jdm/audm model in asia.. hope this helps.. 
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    Vaughan reacted to SkyEyes in No questions, just a compliment   
    I drove my car today for the first time after changing over to my Link Monsoon-X. I was amazed at how, even in the rudimentary initial tune and tables, it already behaved significantly better than my previous standalone set-up (especially on part throttle driveability). 
    I look forward to getting the system further dialed in, but so far it was worth every single penny. 
    Also the Link support here is fantastic, thanks!
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