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  1. Thank you Simon. That's perfect.
  2. Hello, I've got a switch which I would like to use to control a solenoid. As simple as it sounds the switch requires very small amount of current (i.e. signal switch) and won't work by wiring it up in between the power and the solenoid. My thoughts then turned to wiring it up to the Link Thunder that I've got and activating a relay that would in turn power the solenoid. Can anyone confirm if it is generally possible to do? What if the switch is Normally Closed? Any thoughts are welcome. PS: The reason for the switch is simple. It has the right size and look to operate as a reverse gear lockout switch on my manual gearbox. I could use another switch but this one is too good not to. Thanks.
  3. amg

    AIM MXG Dash not working

    I've got another question about the dash & G4+ integration. I'm trying to set up a VSS via the 2-wire reluctor sensor on the gearbox. I've connected it to DI1 and set up as a GP Speed and default settings (pullup OFF, AE Rising). The dash has the following channels available: G4_DI_SPEED6 ECU_SPEED2 ECU_SPEED3 ECU_SPEED4. Does it mean that the dash doesn't not read DI1? Do I need to move the terminal from DI1 to DI6/2/3/4? Thanks.
  4. amg

    AIM MXG Dash not working

    Found the problem - it's not G4 ECU I need to choose in devices but LINK - CAN_BUS_BASE_LCC. Thanks.
  5. Hello, I've connected my AiM MXG dash and setup the CAN as per the G4+ manual. In RS3 I've selected G4 as the device. I get the following error messages: - Acknowledgement Error - Error Passive - Bus Warning - Transmit Error Counter 128 Everything else in CAN1 Status shows OK. The dash is not showing any G4+ data. Any ideas how I can troubleshoot this? Thanks.
  6. Thank you Adam. I can confirm that connected in series, sensors show double resistance. This is perfect, many thanks.
  7. Thanks Adam. One of the wires from each sensor is the earth. I haven't traced the wiring loom but I suspect it ends up in the rear SAM module of the car. Can the sensors still be wired to give a combined reading? Thanks again. PS: After speaking with AiM, to achieve this one would need to connector both sensors to two analog inputs on the dash and use a math channel to program them for combined value.
  8. Hello, I've got a saddle bag type fuel tank which uses two sensors to display the accurate fuel level on the instrument cluster. I've replaced the cluster with an AiM dash. The level sensors are VDO and output resistance. Is it possible to wire them up to the G4+, measure the combined resistance, convert to the fuel level (% or volume) and output to the dash? It is important that I use both sensors as if I rely on one only, placed in the active side of the tank, due to fuel transfer from the passive side the value will be 'full tank' until there's only 1/2 of the tank left (no transfer is taking place = passive side empty) and so the jump from full to half will not be gradual. Thanks.
  9. Hello, Just wanted to confirm if the following scenario is going to work as I imagine it: The starter motor relay needs ground to crank the engine. If I wire an earthed SPST momentary switch on a digital input, select 'Ignition Switch' in PCLink and set the pull up resistor to 'ON' and 'On Level' to 'Low', what would I need to select on the Auxiliary Output, which would be wired to the Starter Motor trigger terminal - 'Cond 1 ONLY -> Ignition Switch'? I basically want to pass the ground on to the Starter relay via the ECU - is this generally okay to do or shall I just wire the switch to the Starter relay ground directly and leave ECU outside of it? Thanks.
  10. How are you wiring the Thunder - with power hold or without? Using one of the scenarios as per the help file? Or just hooking up +12V on A5 and ground on A34(=A25)? When I first connected my Thunder it was via A5 & A34 and a USB cable so I could connect to the PCLink and unlock the ECU. In the car I've wired it up first without and then with the hold power function. ECU powered up fine in any of these scenarios.
  11. Hello, I've got one of those oil level & temp sensors in my car that I'm trying to get to work with the Thunder. I've tried NTC Bosch but the temp is showing wrong data. Anybody can shed any light on this? It's the only sensor that doesn't read right in my conversion so any advice is appreciated. PS I've tried to locate a data sheet for the sensor which is made by Temic but couldn't find anything.
  12. amg

    Engine fan questions

    Got it working. Set the frequency to constant and used 1 axis of the 3D table as ECT. Changed the Aux PWM % and it worked! Thanks. 1 question though. Increasing the % value reduces the speed. Not a problem really but just curious if this is by design?
  13. amg

    Engine fan questions

    Adam Hi, The speed wire was coming out of the original ECU but I have a feeling it works on duty cycle. Certainly not on voltage - I checked by hooking up a voltage tester to it - no difference in speed. The fan runs at full speed on ignition since it doesn't get any input from the speed wire, which is not ideal. The trigger wire is on ignition 12V. Thanks.
  14. amg

    Engine fan questions

    Hello, I want to find out if Mercedes/Bosch fan can be made to work with Link without using a standalone controller. The fan uses Bosch motor and voltage regulator and has 4 pins in the main connector (+12V, Ground, Speed and Trigger). The help file is not very detailed on wiring so any help is highly appreciated. Thanks
  15. Please ignore the above. I've got it wrong on the PWM/PFM side of things.
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