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  1. Have you followed the setup instructions? I wasted a lot of time trying to get it working, then found and followed the instructions and it seems to work great now. For example you need to activate the datastream within PCLink, if you don't know that, you have not seen the instructions, I'm assuming setting up I88 is the same as G4+ Have a look: https://www.realdash.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=21
  2. immy21

    Dbw s15link

    TB: Bosch motorsports 60mm 0280 750 151 https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/Resources/pdf/Data Sheet_68749835_Electronic_Throttle_Body.pdf Bolts onto stock inlet mani with M6 to M8 thread reducing insert, bore matches perfectly I used VW 1.8t gasket (1.8t TB also has same fitment) Pedal: 350z throttle pedal. S15 pedal cut and welded south of 350z mount and bend, this positions pedal same as stock. Sensor adjusted for max readable travel Stock throttle stop raised to reduce travel.
  3. immy21

    Dbw s15link

    I have NS15+ pnp on my S15r, I have been using E-Throttle/DBW for a while now, with cruise control too. Any setup questions feel free to ask The ECU can do DBW but does not come with provisions do use it, seems silly but anyway... On this forum, Link staff normally say if you send the ECU back to them, they can add it the couple wires needed to drive the throttle. Will maintain the lifetime warranty since they did it, not sure on the cost. Alternatively you can use the Link E-Throttle Module, that's what I did. https://www.linkecu.com/2018/06/07/link-ecu-e-throttle-module/ Edit: FA
  4. For a starting point try p=7, I=0.1 & D=45 That's what I'm successfully using on my 60mm 0 280 750 151 for the last 500 miles I planned on updated my thread once I put a bit more miles on it, have a look: http://forums.linkecu.com/topic/10242-bosch-motorsports-60mm-pid-settings/?tab=comments#comment-67807
  5. Thanks for the reply, I'm guessing there is no feed forward/base duty cycle as Zero'ing the gains results in no throttle movement. Initial setup and the short log is with the engine off.
  6. Initially the TB calibration would error out, found the fix via forum search, had to switch DC + and - wires This is what I have managed, main focus was to keep oscillation at bay, I don't think this is good enough. Any obvious PID tuning errors from experienced members? I'l try again in the next couple of days. Gentle drive home log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Itcbmv8HrZL6R6gAltEyKTfLUVIy2xLq/view?usp=sharing Fuel smooth & PID5 req.pclr PID5 60mm Bosch Msport.llg
  7. Does anybody have recommended control settings for Bosch motorsports 60mm E-TB part number 0280750151? https://www.bosch-motorsport.com/content/downloads/Raceparts/Resources/pdf/Data sheet_68749835_Electronic_Throttle_Body.pdf
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    Color Cross Hair

    Change it please.
  9. immy21

    Sr20 vvt issue

    I'l go into detail to help any others that struggle with the setup. Open up PClink, help-contents--G4+plugin installation manual- then open pin functions and pinouts for ns15+ You will see for S15 (and I believe S14a/Kouki) if aux8 is purge then inj5/pin105 is VVT The solenoid has constant 12v and is earthed to switch on, not variable so not controlled by 'VVT Control' in PCLink. In stock form the VVT solenoid is activated between 1050-5700rpm and only when in gear (Neutral switch not active) and not at idle (TPS over a certain voltage) A local(ish) tuner and link dealer helped me
  10. 350z/Monaro VQ35 TB 80mm od 70mm id Bolt spacing: 70mm width 60mm Height 6mm holes This connector https://shopbhp.com/collections/connectors/products/nissan-vq35de-6-way-electronic-throttle-connector-plug-lx53
  11. No probs, as a DIY'er it was a headache trying to find a suitable TB, a list like your compiling would have helped a lot. I have a spare 350z TB, 75mm iirc If you need details for that let me know and I'l dig it out.
  12. Bosch 06a 133 062c Here's some additional info that might help others 60mm ID, 65 OD 60mm square bolt pattern, 6mm holes Bolts onto SR20DET intake with m8 to m6 inserts i copied Audi TT plugin E-Throttle 'setup' settings Same connector as Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband sensor
  13. I'm using a VW/Audi 1.8t throttle body, mine came from a VW Golf GTI (AUM iirc) 60mm id
  14. Ah ok, thanks for the picture too, helps a lot.
  15. I am trying to get Cruise control working on my NS15+ I have became stuck at the cruise control switch I'm using a generic Toyota (ebay) cruise stalk. It comes prewired with 2 wires, 3rd/middle pin has no connection, looking at Toyota Cruise retro fitting guides the 3rd pin seems to be left not connected. Resistance between the 2 wires checked with multi meter +Res 241 -Set 0.630 Cancel 1.535 On/Off 0 (momentary) PClink asks for Voltage settings, max being 5v So I guess and wired like so: Red wire 5V sensor supply (DIY expansion loom), black wire Analogue in (DIY expansi
  16. I'v just finished converting my S15 to DBW Throttle body 6 wires and Accelerator Pedal 4 wires all ultimately to ECU, sensor supply 5v and sensor GND can be shared of course. Throttle Body 1. 5v 2. Sensor GND 3. potentiometer/signal 1 4. potentiometer/signal 2 5. Motor + 6. Motor - Accelerator Pedal 4 wires 1. 5v 2. Sensor GND 3. potentiometer/signal 1 4. potentiometer/signal 2
  17. I'l update this thread once I have it set up and running well. I found more info here:
  18. Quick question, is the S15 plug in (NS15+) capable of E-throttle?
  19. immy21

    s15 VCT set up

    Yes, I'v been watching this thread, I have the same issue of cycling VTC on and off as rpm floats around VTC On/off point during cold start. Inj 5 pin (JDM Spec R), can't do 3rd condition, Link software only allows me max 2 conditions. Poncams on stock unopened engine, doesn't idle well if I switch VTC on below idle, I haven't tried to play with tune yet to smooth it with VTC on at idle.. Stock ECU conditions for VTC ON are neutral switch off, TPS voltage high enough for idle 'switch' off and 1050-5700rpm
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