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  1. I noticed the Stoich ratio is 9.70 but the fuel density/temp is still set to petrol... not sure how big of a swing in afr's that will make but also needs to be fixed
  2. is it running e85 currently?
  3. MGP is basically MAP but includes the BARO offset, so if tuned using MGP... in theory you should be able to travel up and down a mountain without any problems.
  4. I often use TPS as load when tuning a track car, as 100% throttle needs more fuel than 70% throttle... but it will often read the same Manifold Pressure
  5. they you have a sensor problem, actual wiring problem, or the trigger teeth are broken or too far away
  6. got it, thanks Adam... I just wanted to ask before splicing into the sensor directly
  7. Customer has Innovate Ethanol Gauge Kit - It converts the ethanol sensor from the typical digital input into 2 AV 0-5v outputs for ethanol content and fuel temp. I didn't see a way to select AV input for flex fuel and wanted to know if there was a way to do it. Thanks Jon
  8. looking from the back of the connector, how do you have it pinned?
  9. the 1st two logs sit there... but the 2nd two sit at 9-10v... I assume a pullup was turned on? but either way Adam is correct no cam signal is being seen.
  10. if it is already available I have failed to figure it out, I know you can save to current default... but I want to save and load my own custom channels depending on the car... for ex. I have no reason to log secondary injectors on anything that doesn't have them
  11. you can use an ohm meter to test the injectors, if they are high impedance and you still have the stock resistor ballast in place its not going to control the injectors properly.
  12. what version software and what firmware is in the ecu?
  13. what is the injector PW at idle? actual and effective
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