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  1. Hi Anyone know the calibration table for this sensor ACDELCO 0 261 230 185 from a supercharged ls3 Can not find any information online Cheers

    ls3 base map wanted

    Hi Im after a base map for ls3 Needing for drive by wire and coil information etc Cheers


    Can a few people send me some fuel tables for me to look over and compare so I can understand a bit more. Partially for an Nissan RB turbo engine, but any turbo map/table should be ok. Cheers
  4. yes all your guys information is very helpful More data such as?
  5. I cant seem to find the Ecotrons CAN ALM for sale in NZ, possibly only overseas? I had a look at the link CAN wideband and thinking that may be a good choice. Scary price though, guess you always get what you pay for though.
  6. First configeration i have delvoped and i would like someone to check over before i start tuning. I have attached infomation i was given when i brought the products Mainly i would like to make sure my injectors and ignition setup is correct. 1000cc bosch injectors NZEFI High Energy Single Inductive Ignition Coil with Igniters x6 Rb25det neo engine Also what do you guys reccomend for a wideband controller? innovative or AEM or another brand? My mate has the LC2 and has been through a few 4.9 sensors which is putting me off that brand. For the Bosch 1000cc/min injectors, injector set up data for a Link G4+ ECU is as follows for a base (differential) fuel pressure of 3.0Bar with petrol:Fuel system type - MAP referencedInjector Rated Fuel Pressure - 300kPaInjector Flow at Rated Pressure - 906cc/min Voltage10V11V12V13V14V15VDead Time (ms)1.6891.4441.2451.1000.9890.88Pulse Width (ms)Short Pulse Width Adder(ms)0.0000.0000.1250.0000.2500.0000.375-0.1000.500-0.2000.625-0.2000.750-0.2400.875-0.2201.000-0.2001.125-0.1801.250-0.1601.375-0.1401.500-0.1201.625-0.1001.750-0.0801.875-0.0602.000-0.0402.125-0.0202.250-0.0102.3750.0002.5000.0002.6250.0002.7500.0002.8750.0003.0000.0003.1250.0003.2500.0003.3750.0003.5000.0003.6250.0003.7500.0003.8750.0004.0000.000Cheers NZEFI-HEIIC-ID-0C.pdf aTRACK CAR TUNE.pclr
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