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  1. I ordered one of the 3 wire alternators, what showed up had the name plate filed off so I couldn't verify which it was. I took a chance and put it on anyways and it still seems to be charging too low. Maybe the wire is too small from the Alt to the fuse box? Here is the log where I was able to give it a little throttle and test it. I swapped in a 5 psi spring waste gate. The log and Map are below. Still waiting on any additional info on the Tablet hookup. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1aF20yqVct_TDBwg3sndhe51aJFdmx51e https://drive.google.com/open?id=1Jnx2LrePBZum
  2. Confirmed it is the alternator charging low because of not having the 4th wire input. I have ordered a 3 wire alternator to swap out. I saw a drop of coolant so I think that is the overheating. I didn't have any time to work on it and didn't see any egregious spot for a boost leak but i'll keep looking. Adam, Any more information on the android tuner installed tablet you mentioned? I'd like to consider that option, It needs to fit in my window area 7" x 3.75" and needs to have two input spots so I can try to make everything work. Do I need to run the OBD II port
  3. Thanks. I'll have to check for a part number. The motor came form a 2016 Toyota Avalon which accordingly to Toyota parts online Toyota Part No.: 27060-0P141. The way it is wired is based off the diagram I paid for which has proven to be wrong about 10 different times now. But is as follows and is listed as a 4 wire in my notes from him. Keep in mind these labels are from the guy who did my diagram. Pin 1 - White - Alternator Sense Input - to EA 3 - Pin 17 Pin 2 - Red - Power Main - to EFI main (this is to the two post connector in the stock MR2 fuse box in the engine
  4. I'll check the alt, I thought it was working before and I haven't put a charger on the battery in the last handful of times idling. The boost leak makes sense, but it is able to go pretty deep vacuum. I'll look around next time I am up to try and see what I can find. Once I confirm the Alt/Boost Leaks. and Get the lower boost canister spring in I think that is enough front work to have the tuner take it and actually do some good tuning. Anything on the earlier post questions about the tablet you said came tuner ready? I haven't found anything like that available. I have been look
  5. I was able to drive the car and took a log. It's too big to attach so here is a GDrive link. The second link is the Map the first is the log. Let me know anything you see. The fuel map is not very smooth, the car felt fine. I was surprised boost didn't build more as I could hear the turbo pretty good. The sun was way too bright to read anything on the surface tablet I was trying to use to tune in the car so I took the log in hopes to fine tune it later. I believe a air pocket in the coolant was causing the temps to rise so we cut the drive short and bled the system again but didn't take
  6. Hope you all are safe. Any thoughts on my last post? As another update I swapped in my Tein Coilovers but didn't have time to drive it again.
  7. I didn't realize a tuner built in was an option. I have a 7 x 3.75 window in the stock bezel for a display. I can slightly shave this to a larger amount but would like to keep it stock size ish. I planned to exposy or solid mount it to the bezel just like in that video I posted. I would like the radio to work, the speakers to work, the gauges to work. And if possible tuning. So you say there are options designed for this? Where should I search and can I narrow it down by size and inputs? I'll do some research tomorrow night or Monday but if you have something in mind that could j
  8. Yea I think that meets what I need. There is still a lot I am unsure on. It appears some people have been able to convert the antennae to a USB input. A 4 way USB hub then brings it to the tablet? I am sure I am missing some details here. The realdash website really didn't help me much, and they do not have many posts on their forums. What I was hoping for is a list of things required. Does this need to go USB C -> the port on the ECU? Or is it OBDII to USB C. Or something else converting it. When I connect the Tablet to it does a simple USB splitter work so I can bring the
  9. For more clarification here is a video showing exactly what I would like to do. He isn't running Link but otherwise, same model MR2 and same goal. I want to display gauges and still have radio functionality if possible. The radio side he made a pretty good write up on I think I can follow. The ECU side I need to be sure it will work with the Link and then find a tablet that best fits the space.
  10. Well that heater core was an absolute nightmare. It got me thinking. I have been wanting to look into a tablet head unit to replace the radio but really wanted it to double as a digital dash. Does link support this? Anyone have any experience mounting one to look clean in a SW20 MR2? I found some online, One was running MS3 and looked awesome but no radio that I saw.
  11. New heater core is on the way. If I get up there this weekend I will swap it in. and hopefully be able to test the throttle response and run it through the gears on the lift. I was able to get the seat belts and seats fully in finally. I had to weld up some brackets so the buckle was not tucked down below the seat cushion. Does the OBD port really need sensor ground for the two ground wires. Some online states chasis ground. Where is the best place to grab power, do I need to put it straight to battery or is there a good place to tie in that is powered all the time.
  12. Just an update. My dad in an attempt to help took off the rubber hose using channel locks which crushed the copper pipe. So that solidified not being able to repair the heater core. Upon closer inspection it is completely plugged with stop leak anyway. I ordered a new heater core and i'll pull the dash to install that in the next 2 weeks. I didn't get a chance to run your new throttle settings as it would spray coolant in the front trunk.
  13. Yea, I replaced the copper pipes that go over the gas tank from engine to heater core with rubber hoses as they had leaks when I had the gas tank out to replace the fuel pump with a larger one. I didn't catch this one until just last weekend. This one is up in the front trunk where the heater core has two copper lines that stick into the front trunk right above the battery. 1" after the hose connected there is a crack in the copper. I am hoping to either cut it back or solder onto it. The heater core is around 150 used but a pain to replace as it's behind the dash. I have some of the int
  14. Thanks. I've made all those changes and will test it next weekend. My dad was in the car while I was watching the computer, the TP drop was after he revved it and let off it almost stalled out and then recovered. Hopefully your updates here will help with that. We found a leak right where the heat core pipe comes out of the front fire wall. If I can get that leak fixed I will be putting the seats/seatbelts in then putting it on the lift to test each gear and look for anything amiss under the car while it's in gear. After which I'll drive it. I don't want to buy a new heater core
  15. sorry, Try this one https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UvFXrHWviQozSUGRUXWELnU_ruJHPats
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