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  1. tarlo

    PTC temp senders

    i just had a look i think i have the column headings and cells inverted. the negative signed value was just coincidental. thanks
  2. tarlo

    g4+ resolution

    Hi The g4+ software is glitchy when running at higher screen resolutions (see attached). This issue resolves itself when you change the screen resolution but is there any other way to fix it (settings in software)?
  3. tarlo

    PTC temp senders

    Hi I have a KTY83 air temp sensors in my car and i have one post turbo. the link map only goes as high as 150 degrees and i found it was exceeding this. I got the data sheet and created a custom cal table for the sensor with value that went up to 175 (the values match link's cal file for other values). When i return to the tuning screen the value is correct but negatively signed. Is there something happening in the background? Perhaps associated with the unusual PTC sensor i am using compared to the more common NTC. Regards Matt
  4. tarlo

    Peak and hold

    Hi Adam I am glad the Vl link has retained the peak and hold. It is disappointing to lose peak and hold functionality on the wire in Ecus particularly the high end versions like fury and extreme, especially with 2400 Siemens being arguably the best injectors on the market.
  5. tarlo

    Peak and hold

    Why not? Is this a soon to be added addition? This seems like quite a downgrade. Also I just put a Vl link g4x in a car with low impedance injectors as the Vl comes with them from factory and the old plugins were capable. Is this still the case?
  6. tarlo

    Peak and hold

    Hi I have been considering upgrading from my g4+ Fury to g4x fury however I noticed on the ecu comparison chart it says the g4x fury does not feature peak and hold injection. Is that correct?
  7. tarlo

    turbo speed sensor

    Yesterday I installed a turbo speed sensor and upon completion found the sensor did not output any signal when idling. As I have a fury I have connected the sensor to a transducer to convert frequency to 0-5v. the transducer showed no input so I connected the sensor to an oscilloscope and found that the output just sat at 5v. I wired the sensor as per the picture attached. The sensor is a TE jaquet https://www.te.com/commerce/DocumentDelivery/DDEController?Action=showdoc&DocId=Data+SheetHMS_5_DSE_0805A1pdfEnglishENG_DS_HMS_5_DSE_0805_A1.pdfCAT-SPS0002 On the data sheet
  8. tarlo

    Wastegate issues

    I found the issue with bench testing. the valve guide has worn and air is leaking past acting like a bleed off boost controller. I by chance have a brand new 48mm progate in a box so I’ll swap it and confirm
  9. tarlo

    Wastegate issues

    Darn maybe I need to buy another rear housing thanks adam. It must be much more critical in the housing than in the manifold, as I have used a Manifold like this before with the same wastegate and the angle is actually the opposite direction to the flow and never had dramas.
  10. tarlo

    Wastegate issues

    Hi all not really a link ecu question just a general turbo question. I have my wastegate welded into turbo housing rather than in manifold and it is struggling to control boost, runs 30psi on 21 psi spring and 23 on 14psi spring. Gate is 48mm progate Turbosmart and turbo is 6870 precision. I’m thinking maybe the pipe angle won’t support wastegate flow maybe. Had same setup on previous turbo gt42 and worked fine. Wastegate line disconnected in photos as I was checking it and the boost t to make sure they weren’t blocked etc.
  11. Oh yeah i see what you mean. The same result could be achieved by different duty cycles and a constant CO2 pressure with the link yeah? in fact that is generally how i run mine most of the time i just use a trim pot to set the duty cycle. I i don't quite see how the controller could be more precise at controlling boost without actually referencing the variable its controlling? it wouldn't be able to account for variances like pressure in the exhaust manifold that would slightly affect the waste gate valve or changes in barometric pressure. I would imagine a well tuned pid referencing inlet man
  12. thats interesting.... If you were controlling pressure on either side of the diaphragm you would still need to reference map in the controller to as to see the target yeah? Or does the controller just view/control the pressure in the top of the gate not the bottom and the inlet still acts on that?
  13. pheonix what does your cam sensor look like? i had an early ross setup with the curved teeth on the balancer and i had the below style of cam trigger circle with slots. they now run the square tooth crank and the cam is a key hole shaped thing. the earlier cam trigger caused issues due to the balance hole causing false triggering. Ross were very good about the whole thing as they were not the owners back when these were produced but looked after me with replacement parts. I also found the sensors ultra sensitive to gap if you are to close to the pickup it will cause trigger errors at high rpm
  14. That sounds like an expensive way to achieve the same result. That's exactly what i am doing except you dont need two mac valves just one you can run as small a spring as you like. You dont need feedback from the top of the gate you want to control boost in the manifold not specifically pressure in the waste gate top hat. You use a PID in the ecu and the co2 and you can set boost vs time, speed or whatever you like and achieve the same result maybe even better as the boost is referenced from the manifold not pressure differential on the diaphragm of the gate. the main advantage with the syste
  15. I would love in the future if you could step up virtual logic to be programmable perhaps in function block or text with Boolean (and and or if etc) to allow lots of flexability to the end user. the virtuals are great but can be limiting. Thanks
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