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  1. Hello! Can the electric fan control of toyota in this image be used? PWM control module
  2. o_dd

    AEMNet CAN bus Gauge

    Hello 30-0312-I want to use AEMnet CAN Is it possible to connect with Link Ecu and CAN?
  3. Thank you BarendB I wanted to control the alternator with Link. I look for the alternator who taught me
  4. Hello The MX5 alternator is PWM controlled with reference to this thread. But the voltage is not stable Is there a map that can be helpful?
  5. o_dd

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    Thank you Simon There is a possibility of initial failure Talk to the dealer you purchased Isn't it a mistake of Di3 input instead of Di1 input?
  6. o_dd

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    Hello I tried to run EVO Link (I-III) on MX5 But the result didn't work as it was in the past When I connected my WRXLINK (7-9) it worked fine But EVO Link (I-III) does not work properly Is this a malfunction? Does EVO Link (I-III) convert trigger input on the bottom board?
  7. o_dd

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    The number is not 0 but is a modified number
  8. o_dd

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    Yes, the enter key is pressed I'm verifying that the field is blue I remember in the ECU after that
  9. o_dd

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    Thanks adam I made the offset 0 but it was useless I want to adjust it because the timing is off like the image Changing the trigger offset value does not change the timing I do not know why the timing does not change Of course, it is memorized by ECU with return key and F4 key
  10. o_dd

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    I'm sorry The model is NB8C and the engine is BP-VE Is there any information about this engine?
  11. o_dd

    Mazda MX5 VVT

    Hello I am looking for an MX5 VVT basemap I want you to tell me that the trigger offset is not known Thank you
  12. Can I use expansion connector Ign5 to use direct coil?
  13. Hello I am using EVO3LINK I want to use 4 ignition coils. Can I change the IGN4 ECU hold power and use it for ignition? Thank you
  14. o_dd

    Tachometer key-on sweep

    Oh, that's a shame ...
  15. Hello Does tachometer key-on sweep work with CAN connected dash display? I am using AEM CD-7 but it does not work Thank you
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