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  1. Mine reads the front narrowbands. Can I replace the stock sensors with a Bosch 4.9 LSU?
  2. Ok I think I get what you are saying. If I set the charge temp closer to 0 (was around 60 ) then the ecu will see charge temps closer to IAT. This will cause the ecu to think that the air is colder and therefore it will add more fuel. The change compared to cold engine is smaller so the cold AFR and warm AFR should be closer to each other. The plenum is thermally isolated with an spacer which reduces heat transfer. Also my IAT sensor is rather close to the plenum. The coolant flow is modified, but it's a standard pathfinder mod on my 350z. I surely hope and highly doubt that I put
  3. My issue with my current tune is that the car is very lean before it truly warms up (idles around 1.08). The coolant temps will go to 90-100 in few minutes, which only makes the situation worse by shortening the pulse width due to higher charge temp. Before the engine truly warms up it will take around 20 minutes driving. Then my lambda readings will hit the set targets. I think the area over 2500 rpm works better because it has quite low charge temp numbers. I'm unsure how to solve this issue. My idea would be to zero out the charge temp table and make a 4D correction table based on MGP
  4. I have a long cold start too and it can take a few attempts. With a warm engine it will start right up. I'm using E85.
  5. Any updates @TechDave?
  6. That's great news, thank you! Personally I think the VDC in useless, but if I let my friends drive my car (400wkw) I prefer to have some stability control available. Our yearly MOT reguires that there are no dashlights lit and the systems work. I think that getting it 100% right will help your sales too.
  7. In 350z the traction control is controlled via ecu and stability managment is controlled with a different unit. Both units turn on or of via the ESC (electronic stability control) button. This means that there is a CAN connection between the button and ecu. In my friends Haltech this funtions straight out of the box. What can I do for my G4+ to get the same functionality?
  8. This is an interesting topic. I guess the damage is done when oil pressure drops, but I guess this might help to do less damage. Let me know if find the right wire.
  9. Did the workaround help? In EU-models this workaround rarely works. Most of the time I'm looking at the slip lights. Maybe I try to use an auxilary output to power the unit and see if that would work?
  10. I would really like output Ethanol % and ethanol temp in the long (or short) datastream. Ethanol temp is an issue I can just address by adding a engine protection, but it would be nice to keep track on the temps so I could check quickly if I need to add some cooling. Yes I know that datalogging would be an option but race dash is more convenient. Ethanol percentage varies at the gas station and it would be really nice to know the value without the need to plugin the laptop. So could the long datastream be updated so that it would be possible to transmit the ethanol % ?
  11. Similar connection diagram that Haltech has should be added in the G4+ manual for the commonly used Crydom SSR relay.
  12. I will be running E85 95% of the time. My engine is also high compression 11:1 but it's fully built. Plan is to not go on boost at all before going to dyno. The dyno is like 150 km away so i need to drive there light footed. I will be using a wideband to get the fuel tables correct. Thanks!
  13. Could you send the latest map that you used to get the car running? Are you running ID1050x injectors. I should do a basemap so I can drive the car to dyno and I would like to check my map against yours before I try to fire it up. What's your setup like and will you be running flex-fuel? I got a HKS8555 supercharger and I'm I will make a flex fuel setup.
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