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  1. Even at Ecu pinout has RSO (iacv open) RSC (iacv close) and center 12v. The valves have the same working style even if they were different I can confirm that.
  2. If I remember correctly with my St205 valve the pins were, open, 12v, and close. I don't know if st215 is different but I believe the pins were the same. The valve controls by ground the open and close pins.
  3. Hello guys. I have a question about Knock frequency filters. If our frequency centered according to spectrogram at let's say 9.7 khz or something like that. We must choose 10khz at software because it's closer to 9.7khz? Or if we choose 10khz the Ecu sees only 10khz-10.99khz. At 9khz 9-9.99khz etc?
  4. Do you know the type to calculate it? It's a cool staff to have it at you laptop's screen and I believe it's very easy for Tech team to integrate it at Linkecu software.
  5. Hello guys is there any way to calculate our Litre per 100km from Inst fuel consumption?
  6. Toliski

    3sgte goes lean

    I will change the plugs and coils and I report back.
  7. Toliski

    3sgte goes lean

    Hahaha!!! Not exchact the same I make some changes and I don't WOT it until I will take it to a tuner. I rebuilded again and it running fine 3 months now. Before 3 days that weird problem start.
  8. Toliski

    3sgte goes lean

    I don't know adout the injectors, the engine running with same setup years. I will try to change the plugs and coils one at a time to see. I suspect the fuel pump because some times I push the throttle and it doesn't respond. That behavior start before two days suddenly. So I believe its not tune related. I have logs before let's say a week and it's running fine.
  9. Toliski

    3sgte goes lean

    I have small alternator wheel and at low rpm i have that problem. Well You can see again the miss fire if you check map signal rpm voltage drop (due to rpm change) and after a sec the wideband folows. its better now beause it doesnt goes very lean but the miss exists. I make a ride log too https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nUXEziAW0C9OdOhCEDO7dK1p0namQayk I make a video for you you can find it at same folder at my Gdrive
  10. Toliski

    3sgte goes lean

    Well I try it. You can see at the begining we go well for a couple of secs, At log it not very clear but after 1 minute you can see the miss fire at Rpm signal. After 3 minutes its a lot of worse and after 4 5 it bearly runs. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1nUXEziAW0C9OdOhCEDO7dK1p0namQayk Then i try with some load at second log you can see steady throttle same thing. When i left the throttle it shut down and i crank but nonthing!
  11. Toliski

    3sgte goes lean

    I have Rc1000 PL-4 injectors the dead times was from RC site and they don't provide short pulse adder. I will try to disable CL idle and I add to fuel to see how it reacts and I report back. My guess is the FPump because of the sudden start of the problem. The most of the Map is tuned with quick tune and it has very stable Afr before that behavior (before 2 3 days)
  12. Toliski

    3sgte goes lean

    Hello guys, I drive my 3s for 3 months now, I make the tuning myself to my g4+ and it's working fine. Yesterday I have weird problem. If you go at (0:40-0:60 and 1:26-1:38) at my log you can clearly see at steady throttle that the Afr is all over the place and the Map too. Mr2.pclr Mr2 Log.llg And at another log you can see that I hit the throttle but the engine not responding for some seconds. What do you think think guys? Fuel pump problem?
  13. I dont think that your tps cause this problem. I have same problem with my St205 but at 4000RPM. My triggers was off but no trigger errors. If your dont have a Trigger Scope try this and see if it just revvs past the 1500RPM. But you must calibrate the triggers with the proper way. My triggers now are Trigger 1 0 1000 2000 3000 Trigger 2 0 1000 2000 3000 0.2 1 1.6 2 0.3 1.7 3.2 4.5
  14. Toliski

    Ignition Delay

    Fixed guys, my triggers was a little bit off!
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