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  1. Frallam

    CA18DET wont start

    Changed to 24 tooth and adjusted the timing 360°. It started right up with no problem. Thank you so much for the help
  2. Frallam

    CA18DET wont start

    I knew it was something i forgot to add, yes it's running on ethanol It has always started easy on ethanol, even in the cold. But if the 24 tooth does not work i will change the fuel. Thanks for the help!
  3. Frallam

    CA18DET wont start

    I have tried both.. But i will try again in the morning. Does everything else looks right?
  4. Frallam

    CA18DET wont start

    Hello! I have a CA18DET in a s13 with a "storm+ blue" that won't start. I't has been running with this map before. I't was back in june when it was running, then i put it in the garage and all i had done to it was get the injectors cleaned now when i was going to start it, it didn't start. So i went over the wiering and fixed some issues and now everything should be correct(should have been before also since it was working :p). I have checked the timing with a light and it is correct, the engine turns over and sounds like it want to start but nothing happens. Log file from my last try and
  5. VAG coils installet, car works perfect
  6. Yeah, reseted the ecu, updated the firmware and loaded the map again, still same issue. So now i have ordered VAG coils and i hope that will fix my problem
  7. Here is the trigger scope log Trigger Scope Log 2017-09-11 10;35;24 pm.llg I dont se any trigger errors at all anymore, i can rev to 6500+ standing still but it still cuts at around 4500 when driving
  8. How do i do a trigger scope? i might be blind but i cant find the option. I'm using ngk bcpr7es plugs and the "yellow jacket coil packs" controlled directly by the ecu, maybe thats the problem? Maybe i should rebuild it with VAG coils instead?
  9. Hi! I have a problem with my car, a nissan 200sx s13 with a ca18det running a Link g4+ storm blue. It cuts the ignition(i think) when it reaches a certain rpm. First with the stock Cas (360 degrees) it would cut @ 4000rpm when in gear and around 5000rpm when in neutral standing still, i had a local tuner look at it and they said it was missing the trigger and suggested i change to a 24-1 dirc inside the cas instead, said and done. I change the trigger to multi tooth and calibrate the ignition timing with a light and it works fine. starts right up and runs good, i let it get warm and then i tr
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