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  1. Thanks for your help and the video Also, I have done some research and find that Panasonic CT or CJ relay will be suitable to do a job like this
  2. Nope, there is no position sensor, the OEM ECU only turn on/off for few sec, and now try to figure out how to do it on Link ECU for the Aux
  3. Thanks for the reply, the flap don't need power help to keep it open, and yes there are few gears in place to keep it open/close In another forum someone has done a reversing relay circuit and burn the motor, I don't want that happened to me haha
  4. Hi, currently Im try to figure how to wire the intake flap motor for Suzuki swift ZC32S, 2 wire control the motor move both directions opening and closing the flap at different rpm, done some research come cross a post said using changeover relay, Im wondering will my design be ok? also how do I set up on/off time for Aux? I want the motor move clockwise for 2sec when rpm reach 3000 and below 3000 will move counterclockwise for 2sec Thanks
  5. Hi all, Im piggyback cam/crank signal from the factory ECU, but Im very confused as the factory wiring do not have Gnd Shield, my question is can I just hook up to the signal wire (2PNK &2RED/YEL) and leave the ground at the factory wiring, or do i have to re wire the sensor ground connect to both Link sensor ground and factory ECU ground? also do i need to add Shield/Gnd for the signal cable? Thanks
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