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  1. So i couldnt just come out of either port with a CANPCB cable and then connect that to a CUSB cable and into my otg adapter? Sorry of this is a stupid question, im still getting my head around the whole CAN stuff and im wanting to learn as much as i can about it.
  2. So after reading this im going to attempt to connect to my samsung galaxy s10 over easter but i have a couple of questions. Will adjusting the baud rate affect communications with my pc when i plug it in? Will i need to change it back every time i want to use my pc to setup up an ecu log? Just out of curiosity, why cant i use the can1/rs232 or the can2/obd plugs to connect to my phone?
  3. Dont want to start a new thread for something thats probably an easy fix. But how do you remove the little captions at the top a gauge in pclink? Im setting up a dash to display on a tablet and id like to remove it. Ive seen it done before but i cant seem to find how to change it.
  4. So would the senors be ok to use? Wouldnt mind hooking them up so i can get some data
  5. Pressure sensor is 3 wire and temp sensor is 2 wire
  6. So is it possible to just run the sensors straight to the ecu? Without the use of the gauges. If so, would any settings need to be changed when you switch the an channel on? Like the calibration, an low, high and error values??
  7. Looking for recommendations for shift lights? Brands types etc. Will be wired directly to my ecu. Also im thinking of running an oil temp sensor to my link ecu as my engine doesn't have one from factory. Currently have an innovate mtxd oil temp and pressure gauge. Could i possible use both sensors from that gauge and do away with the actual gauge part itself?
  8. So after reading this, has anyone managed to find a solid answer on a good tablet to use for this? Im thinking of doing this for when i go to the drags so i have everything right in front of me (pnp 2jz supra ecu)
  9. ok thanks. will give it a go tomorrow
  10. So i have very small problem that only seem to happen every now and then. I can start the car let it warm up, go for a drive and no issue. But sometimes when i jump in after stopping for about half an hour i so, start it up and start to move, i accelerate, shift from 1st to 2nd then i get and ignition cut of 90% for some reason. it only ever happens down low rpm and never up high. Going to talk to my tuner this week and see what he says. But i just thought id post here aswel to see what a few experts think. It happens in the first few minutes of driving. Could if be my coil packs?(2jzgte) rp
  11. Just got to say a big thanks for your help mate. Changed the settings you suggested and it starts, runs and idles perfect now. It doesn't even over fuel when i start giving it some throttle. Will obviously need a fine tune but its enough to do a run in and then off to get a full tune. I have learnt so much from you and and watching the videos from the high performance academy. Thanks heaps
  12. All good mate. Ok awesome i will change those settings, recalibrate the tps and give it ago. So with the vacuum issue. Would an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator help with that problem if vacuum is part of the issue??
  13. Any luck with looking at my log Adam? I have been doinga bit of reading over the past few days and i was wondering if i turned on my charge temp correction option would help at all?
  14. Ok so here is the log. Its been pretty warm here today so it didnt take long to warm up. I dont think it crapped plugs today but its rich as hell. backfiring under load and the varing throttle is me getting it to idle. If you need anymore info just let me know Log 2018-12-31 7;12;05 pm.llg
  15. done. just about to start my log now so will have a reply for you soon
  16. Ok i can get a log that's no problem. Can get that in a couple of days. Ive changed the start shift mode to off. That fuel value does seem strange. That is max boost for me at the moment and i do make boost quite early. Should i just drop it back down to a value to something similar within that group of numbers?
  17. So here is my tune. This is how i got it back from my last tuner. Only thing that has changed since this is i now have the 272 cams. Hope the file works origional tune.pclr And my accel enrichment is turned on
  18. Any ideas on where i should start looking for the fuel issue. I have since found that my injectors are 800cc not 850cc and the dead times are different. And should i be using a modelled fuel table instead of a traditional on?? Again im still learning about this. Just seems strange i can get it idle comfortably now but as soon as there is throttle input, bye bye spark plugs.
  19. So i have been messsing around with the base position table it helped with the problem alot. So thanks very much for. Only issue i had is that when i touched the throttle it sounded like it went extremely rich and crap some plugs. Im yet to pull them out but would that have something to do with the idle ignition control i need to setup?
  20. So i should bring it up to 250 from 100 like the others? Or just bring it up in increments until it gets better? And yeah from what i have read it will idle better when i turn on the idle ignition control. Bit of a noob question but what does ot mean buy "steps" in the idle base table?
  21. So has anyone experienced idle issues with the 2jzgte on the link plug n play ecu? Been through 2 tuners now and both have had issues getting it to idle correctly. And the iacv has been tested. These are my settings in the idle control menus. They just dont seem right to me. Can anyone give any insite Idle base position Ect steps 30 97 -20 344 -10 344 0 344 10 344 20 250 30 250 40 250 50 250 60 100 Idle ignition control off. Set
  22. So was this a success? Im just looking at hooking up my innovate oil pressure/temp to my pnp supralink on the xs loom. Not much point if it didnt work.
  23. Stower93

    Iat sensor

    Problem has been solved. Thanks all for the replies
  24. Stower93

    Iat sensor

    Comparing it to the stock coolant sensor as it has never been replaced. What should the stock one be calibrated to?? At the moment the iat sensor is set to "delphi ac iat" when i set it to " link ntc12 and iatb-8" the temp drops to around 6 degrees. Could it just possibly be that i have wired the sensor plug around the wrong way or does it not matter which way its wired???
  25. Stower93

    Iat sensor

    So i can obviously use this type of sensor for the iat??
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