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  1. Sorry cj ...My question how many advance 1500 to 5000 vvti inlet target for 1jzvvti? Cj do have vvti inlet target for 1jzvvti?
  2. Storm ecu 1jzvvti injector 850cc and coil use igniter 2jz no vvti....dwell control table for using igniter 2jzgte no vvti? Setup vvti for 1jzvvti and table vvti inlet?
  3. Mean i want use switch to control the 2 table boost? Mean switch pull up is 1 bar and pull down is 2 bar?
  4. Setup high low boost with switch, link ecu fury....switch off 1bar switch on 1.8 bar...digital 1 is gp input....multiple boost table ....active tables 2 tables..table2 activation digital 1....need setup high low boost solenoid?
  5. How to connct cd7 dash aem to link fury....?setup dash can and fury setup
  6. Need help about the fault code...link ecu fury the fault code than less 7v come on...what the problem is please?
  7. Hi scott...this setup throttle kick using e-throttle like the anti lag?i using e-throttle for 2jzgte drift car....
  8. johnny4ag

    Trigger setup

    The Crank sensor 2 wire and cam sensor 3 wire
  9. johnny4ag

    Trigger setup

    Tq brad burnett... trig 1 is reluctor trig 2 optical ?
  10. johnny4ag

    Trigger setup

    What trigger setup one cam trigger half missing at atom g+ and my crank 60-2 setup?tq please
  11. Hi adamw Is using clutch switch for launch...how to do the setup?
  12. Hi adamw Launch control drag race type setup on boost......?tq please
  13. Hi adamw Tq adamw...my dash is succes...i have some question about launch control with speed signal...how to do the setup table?
  14. I already install software pclink at my tablet..i dont know to setup at tablet . how to doing the setup at tablet dash?..please
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