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    Further to Simon's comment, you can also use E-throttle for idle control and dont need a separate idle valve.
    You can presently have up to 3 E-throttle target tables, so to give an example you could have one for normal driving, one for when antilag is activated (which doesnt allow throttle to close beyond 15%) and another for say highway cruising that has a nicer response curve at small throttle openings.
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    multi tooth missing
    trig 1 60 teeth missing 2
    trig 2 sync mode level
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    johnny4ag reacted to Adamw in Pclink dash tablet   
    Hi Johnny,
    You might need to explain better what you need help with?
    If you just dont know where to start for the layout etc then maybe this video will help:  https://1drv.ms/v/s!AiYbYlZQuRHPkBKWqkFTOw1fcUZm 
    So you know what Im doing, Red circle = Right mouse click, Blue circle = Left mouse click.
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