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  1. Hi all , any one know if there is a way use link to control a VAG DSG 7 speed box , or any purpose built trans ecu,s. cheers Keith
  2. Woody

    CAN RPM output

    Thanks Clint , will give it a go..
  3. Woody

    CAN RPM output

    Hi all , i need to get a proper rpm signal to my Dyno software , it supports OBD and works spot on with this , the inductive and capacitive clamps are not that brilliant and very spikey. My thinking is to use the CAN output from G4+ to send rpm signal to my OBD input . Any ideas , thanks in advance . Cheers Keith
  4. its worth checking the sensor output with DMM , at least you will have a starting point to work from with the wiring..
  5. Sorry mate , just re read your original post and as Adam has said your engine is on a normal manifold and throttle body so MAP /MGP would be the best option Cheers Keith
  6. You are right MattR , just change the load axis from tps to map on the fuel map press control and x it will open up the axis and load /speed site box , also go into Fuel Main tab and make sure the Equation load source is set to Load= Map and you should be good to go HTH cheers Keith
  7. You need a bit more info , trigger set up , injector size etc , you can then build a start up map easy enough , have you been through the input and outputs to make sure all is working ok ?? cheers Keith
  8. 434josh , you are now on a journey of discovery , which will highlight how good Link is ,ditching MS will be the best thing you can do .. Good luck with your swap . cheers keith
  9. Hi mitch8198 , i used to run RV8 in my off road comp truck , they are a good engine but if you are going anywhere near water you will need to ditch the dizzy , my truck used to run under water , we used a 36-1 on the crank and fired the injectors in 4 blocks of 2 . As Adam said the BMW 2 wire is a good and cheap option , as are the GM map sensors. It will be the best thing you can do to the motor for reliable off roading..
  10. Ok, that is the way to do it and the ecu works really well with a cozzie , can you watch the map reading, ignition on engine off and see what its reading , if the axis etc are all ok it should read 100kpa ish untill the engine starts then drop to 35 kpa ish. Also good way to check map sensor is with a vac pump , pull vac and pump pressure through both ranges and see if it matches the software, use the tuning page if you have guages configured or the runtime window..
  11. How have you got the map sensor wired and piped up or which one are you using , the log shows between 6-7psi positive pressure , have you calibrated the map sensor in the software. Can you do another log with injector opening times and lambda ?
  12. Thanks Adam , the one one i have in the block is a single wire one , i am going to replace it with a 3 wire type. Cheers Keith
  13. Hi fiestacosworth, just had a look at your log file , i am no expert but i have done a few Cozzies recently , i did notice you have very inconsistent rpm and you have set the filtering to 4 in trig set up for both Trig 1 and trig 2 it may be filtering to high thats stopping it , also have you checked VR sensor polarity on both sensors , this is critical. Also have you checked the trigger offset with a timing light yet?. It might be worth setting up fueling with modeled rather than traditional . The one i am doing at the moment is using std cozzie pulley with the 4 teeth , i set it up wi
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