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  1. Hi. Recently had a chance to play around with another sequential setup (stock turbo's) using new G4X Fury. I saw your post and did some experiments. My findings are: - The RPM at which transition occurs does not have a major effect on the dip in transition. At 4000 rpm the dip was the same as 3500. The longer you delay the transition the more power/torque you will drop as you are working the first turbo past its effiency. In a higher gear like 5th, you can make transition occur at 3500rpm or slightly earlier for best performance. In a low gear like 1st/2nd, even if you signal the VSV's
  2. Wire your coils using "Vag Coil Normal/Long" No need for stock igniter. You can delete completely or just bypass. Run your ECU signal wires direct to ECU and repin/rewire your signals to B57 - B52 on ECU pinout. You can take your 12v from the igniter wiring, or there is grey 14 pin plug in passenger footwell that supplies voltage to igniter & coils from factory, you can wire to this as well if its easier.
  3. I had similar spikes on a 2JZGE VVTI with BC272 cams using Kurofune. Had to mess around with trigger two arming thresholds a lot to get the system happy and not spike. Required much more arming voltage than other 2JZ's Ive done. Unsure if its down to the ECU or the engine combo. Looking at your latest map you have your VVTI cam control mode set to Off, and in the logs the ECU is not able to track Inlet cam position. This could be contributing towards your sync errors. Haven't ever tried running a VVTI with cam control compeltely off, normally if I want to diagnose VVT system I just set R
  4. Always struggle to get ASNU injectors to work like they should, their provided data seems like its miles off for some reason.
  5. Ditch the EVAP control (purge) and run EGCV on AUX 9. Keep stock idle control valve as it works well, even though it does use a lot of outputs to run.
  6. Sorry I haven't logged in for ages. Have just seen your comments are re-uploaded photos, should all be good now.
  7. Hi! Here's a small guide for some of you 2J lovers out there wanting to run 2JZ factory or hybrid turbo's sequentially, TTC or both using a Link ECU. I only published this for UK supra owners forum a while ago, but figured someone browsing through here might find it useful. Maybe someone out there can think of other cool or more efficient ways of implementing the following. Cheers Preface As Supra’s get older it is not uncommon to hear of standard ECU’s failing, sometimes beyond repair. This will probably become more regular as time passes and presumably there will b
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