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  1. I am currently having an issue with an analog input AN8, It constantly shows a voltage in PC link of 5.5 volts. This remains the same regardless of whether I have it connected or not. It is reading the position from an actuator valve which outputs 0.5V to 3 Volts. I have back-probed the Input where is connects to the ECU (white/Yellow wire) and it reads correctly on a multi-meter. Any suggestions on where to start?
  2. The stock wiring loom the yellow with a black stripe is positive, yellow with a red stripe is negative
  3. Do you still have the stock ECU connected?
  4. The stock ecu sends a signal to bypass the starter solenoid if immobiliser is not happy. You may need to ground this wire.
  5. The rx8 immobiliser is made up of the engine ecu, remote keyless entry box (rke) gauge cluster and the key pickup. When you remove the stock ecu the immobiliser function is now gone. Everything should work but youll get a flashing light on the dash. The rke has a wire that flashes this directly to the gauge cluster. If you cut this wire the light will be gone. Ill look at my wiring diagram for you tomorrow.
  6. I am having trouble to set up the Cruise control light. I believe I have the correct ID (Message id="0x165" (decimal 357)) How can I set the different values to output correctly? Cruise Main Indicator" offset="6" length="3" endianess="big" off value=0 ready, not active (yellow) value=2 ready, value set (yellow" value=3 active, value set (green) value=5
  7. I am currently using a link xtreme ecu in a Mazda RX8, I have set up CAN 2 to talk to the existing car network in place of the factory ECU. Is it possible to send/receive more than 6 channels or is it possible to send multiple CAN IDs from one stream?
  8. I'm going a slightly different route. I'm using the injectors from an r3 rx8. These work like a fuel injectors but have oil pressure behind them. I've tapped the front Iron right above the power steering pump for the oil feed.
  9. @Adamw Hi Adam, I am currently trying to configure the CAN bus on my base map but am having some difficulty making sense of the example data to plug into it. Also is it possible just to send a frame of data to keep the power steering working - 200 00 00 FF FF 00 32 06 81 // EPS doesn’t work without this 202 89 89 89 19 34 1F C8 FF // EPS doesn’t work without this http://www.madox.net/blog/projects/mazda-can-bus/ has additional information but I cant make sense of the ID that sends individual wheel speed (link ECU receives) 000004B0 0,1
  10. Thanks Simon, I will look into that. there are 3 actuators on the RX8 manifold, 2 of which are vacuum driven and controlled via solenoids. The third one is a servo motor.
  11. I'm looking at setting up a link xtreme ECU on a Mazda RX8. This is a 2 rotor engine and stock has 3 injectors per rotor for 6 total. the second and third injectors do not operate until appropriate intake valves in the manifold have opened (secondary valve opens at approx 4k rpm and the tertiary opens at approx 6krpm). Is it possible to set up staged tertiary injection (I can only see options for secondary injection) or would it be easier just to run a larger secondary and drop the third injector.
  12. Thanks Adam, haven' installed the ECU yet but thr info youve supplied should help out.
  13. Hi Im looking for a base map for G4+ Xtreme for Mazda RX8?
  14. Hi I am in the process of installing a G4+ into a 6 Port RX*. Did you ever progress this any further? Id be interested in your map if available to get me started.
  15. Has anyone any information for getting the stock RX8 Dash to work with the G4+ over CAN Bus?
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