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  1. Option-4 connect the led to the relay and trigger the relay with aux.I did so
  2. Hi all this device hooked up from inj6 aux. Works well, comes into play where I want. But there is noise , for example, it makes noise with the wiper switch. Is this because of inj aux? I had previously tried with aux 5-6. At that time there was a slight noise as long as the ecu was open. Is there a way to clear this noise? I need your help with this. Thanks.
  3. Hi As I mentioned, I have a 6-32v buzzer.I want to connect it to one of the aux outputs and use it as a warning for shift light and low pressure. The help file has confused me. With GP Output If I connect the positive end to the ignition and connect the ground end to the AUX inj6, would it be right?
  4. I finally solved the problem.My vehicle has no problem with grounding.Everything and all these problems are due to the fact that the spark plugs are not resistor.I've installed the resistor spark plug everything has improved. Thank you to everyone for help.
  5. I was using the hondata cpr before I started using link ecu. And in his installation, he said that the coil should be grounded from the thermostat housing.Maybe the wrong place but i had to comply.I'm gonna try to ground it from where you said it. I replaced the crankshaft sensor with b18c1 oem. This mounted on a crankshaft pulley. I use holley (554-125) with fly magnet on cam sensor. you're wrong about grounding there because that bolt is directly in contact with the engine block.I added a picture there. Thanks. I'm gonna try to ground it from where you said it.Thanks.
  6. I have grounded the coils directly through the thermostat.The coils are powered by the ign output on the distributor socket. Actually I always suspected the power there.I'm going to check the power there. We have discussed a lot with friends about the main motor grounding strap, but the factory has done it like this. Also, the bolt to which the earthing is connected goes to the engine block.I added a pic.The service manual says it should be where it should be. I'il make a general check and let you know.Thanks.
  7. Recently I connected 4-5 analog and aux equipments.I suspected them, but I canceled the connection from all of them , but I did not make a change from pclink.Could it be software source? I have a question. If I want to get a log, will it be saved when the ECU closes?
  8. Hi Adamw I am using carpc. This morning I closed the pc and tried it again, it was again. Doing even when not connected to any pc. I use the honda (k20) coil in the ignition system.I didn't get over 6000 rpm for about 30km this morning , it stops the engine every time.
  9. Hello everyone I have my ek civic turbo and I bought CIVICLINK (98) - # HC96 +.plugIn ecu... There is an interesting problem for about 6 months.I'm going on the road , when I want to speed up (5500-6000 rpm), ecu is disconnected and crash. Ign off-on is running after the engine again.I am getting the error messages as in the picture below. I saw the same problem here another title it was written about there are aux inputs. I removed all the equipment in the external aux input. I suspect the PC is connected i'll try this without pc connection in the evening. I did the latest version upd
  10. Some of my friends said the signal might be noise. is there so much noise in the picture?
  11. trig1 error has repeated the problem. I bought a new sensor because I thought it was due to the sensor (cherry gs100502), this sensor did not make as much error as the other. occasionally, I get 2-4 trig1 error (with boost) like 5000rpm , It does not do after 5000 rpm. I am adding the pclr file , would you please check? The first starter is working late too , what is the reason of this? Thanks! cherry ferrıos.pclr
  12. I connected the cam sensor to tdc +.The problem is caused by this. There's no problem connecting to CYP- thanks everyone
  13. Hi all (I apologize for my good english ability.) Ecu: g4+ civiclink 96-98 Engine: b18c car obd2b I'm trying to cancel the distributor , I bought a new crank wheel and sensor for running ckp distributor (add pic files) For the cam signal , I did the reference operation myself on the pulley.(I added the picture to it) I made bi holders against the pulley, I connected the sensor. I use a proximity sensor (omron E2B ) this light illuminates when the sensor sees the object and sends a voltage between 11-11.6v from the signal cable. When I want to observe from PCLink, there is no
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