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  1. Well explained. Thanks for that Adam.
  2. What's the technical reason that E-throttle isn't supported on this ECU? (In its current form)
  3. Zmit

    MR2Link unlabelled pins

    Thanks Adam. Just wanted to clarify that before I go and wire-in the expansion harness for DI4...
  4. I'd start by checking all your wiring.... Did you forget a ground? Have you confirmed no pulse by running an injector pulse test as well? More info about what you've done and what you're seeing on PCLink will help.
  5. Zmit

    Mr2link no triggers

    I've just set up the same ECU in my gen2 running gen3 wiring. I had to mess with the threshold slightly. Your best bet is to capture a trigger scope in PCLink while cranking the engine. (ECU menu -> Trigger scope) If you see nothing there, then your trigger setup is incorrect as it must be looking at the wrong pin/source If you do see something there, then check the voltage peak against the trigger threshold table. That may need some tweaking. EDIT: This would probably help a bit....
  6. Just curious about the unlabelled pins for the MR2Link rev2-3. I'm sorting out an issue with my power steering input and noticed that there are a few gaps in the pin labels. Much like the KNK sensor as discussed in this topic below, are there any other 'assumed' sensors/inputs for the MR2Link that aren't labelled? I'm particularly looking at the body harness/3rd plug.
  7. It turns out that the 'save' button for the trigger scope didn't work correctly with the 4K screen.... The second image is just the screen grab. It started part way through. Link to 3+ hours of logging. The last 1 hour is where I had the most problems. Stalled about four times. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mdowJIhanfdc3iK80HFzD2UJ5SpsOupw/view?usp=sharing
  8. Yes... It would have been pretty easy to hit the save button. I dropped the first cell down to 0.3 but didn't change the second cell. I only had a couple of minutes to work with it and didn't even consider changing the second cell. Seemed to make no qualitative difference when I tried starting it again, but it's possible that the interpolation at 300rpm pushed it over the threshold. That makes sense. I saw one capture with two pulses at the same peak voltage, so that must have been the extremities of the cycle. Will share the log tonight.
  9. I heard this exact statement on the HPA seminar on triggers that I was watching this afternoon! I quickly ran a trigger scope capture while cranking and noticed 0.5v peak on trigger 2 (distributor reluctor signal). There was also only one pulse in the capture time. Seems to indicate either excessive filtering(?) or an intermittent reluctor fault. I have clocked about 4 hours of drive time with this setup so far though.. Is it possible to get a partial log file from a larger log file? The stalls are in a 16mb file.... The cranking log may not be overly helpful.... cranking.llg
  10. Well i've now sorted out the low rpm hesitation. I've definitely improved the ignition table a bit now. I'm still having two main issues. The first is that my starting seems to be rather laborious. it will take at least 5 seconds, sometimes more to actually fire up. It coughs intermittently but will eventually kick enough to run up to idle. I've noticed that trigger issues seem to be common, so i'll be checking that when I get a chance. The second is the ocassional stall under decel to idle. This happens only when it's been running for 20 minutes+. Any suggestions on where to loo
  11. Just updating this slightly. The SW20 is notorious for dodgy grounds, and the ECU ground on the back of the intake manifold is one that causes a lot of people grief. Turns out, that was loose. I also took the opportunity to replace the main battery -ve cable as well. The battery level is back to it's usual 13.8V. I've got a few other things to sort out such as installing the FPR and fuel pressure sensor.
  12. Well that’s definitely a number of things to check! Thanks Adam. I expected there would be quite a few corrections to be made but didn’t even notice the WB/Battery correlation. Ill get onto the ground issue first and then revisit the other changes. Base timing has been set from the dizzy cam sensor.
  13. Hi all, I've just started looking into tuning with my G4+. This is my first shot at tuning and the car will almost exclusively be driven on the street. I've been slowly working my way around various functions and getting a feel for what they do and how my car responds. I've been gradually going through some of the HP Academy webinars but still feel like quite a noob! A few details about the car. - 98RON Petrol exclusively. - Walbro 255 fuel pump - CT26/GT35 hybrid (yes I know....) - 540cc Toyota injectors - 3SGE (NA) cams - 1ZZ COPs via an external converter box (Was operating
  14. Perfect! Glad to hear it. Thanks for the reply Adam.
  15. Hi Guys, I've got a G4+ plugin for my Rev3 MR2 running the PCLink software. I have an issue with the PCLink software crashing if the laptop goes to sleep. It's a fairly new Dell XPS running Windows 10. PCLink is the latest release (V5.6.5.3338b) If the laptop goes to sleep with the software open then once the laptop is woken up again, PCLink displays the Debug/Close program dialog. This happens almost every time. Let me know what other detail you would like.
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