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  1. Thanks Adam, That worked perfectly I had the byte order wrong. The generic file will be useful for anyone who has the generic dash working over can, but want to change a couple of fields. Great stuff. I'm using the Aim Solo2 DL to datalog. this now is setup how I'd like. Thanks.
  2. Thanks Richard, i have tried making the stream manually(from help file) But I’m not understanding the first 2 “words” in each frame. Couldn’t get it to work with my manually created stream. Hoping someone had a file I could import that was the equivalent of the preset stream.
  3. I am using AN8 to get Oil Temperature instead of a temp channel. This is because I'm sharing the sensor with a gauge, and the anvolt can have ext pull-up. I have a AIM Dash setup using the Generic Dash Stream. This is working great except The oil Temperature being sent is not the one I'm using. does anyone have the Canbus stream setup file for the generic dash config so i can change just the oil temperature? or any other ideas? Thanks Mark.
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