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  1. Thanks for this, I might see if I can book in an emissions test with the garage just to check things are correct, I have just changed injectors over so am reworking the fuel table. I seem to have things sorted in the right sort of ball park though, have set the update rate to be at 4 which seems to give a stable correction of a few % in the idle part of the map. Need to run the car at higher RPMs to make sure the lower load higher RPM parts of the map are close enough as well.
  2. Perfect, thanks Adam, I figured if I set it to Stoich wideband it would work as per OEM narrowband otherwise there would be no real reason to have this option for wideband as you would just use auto.
  3. Thanks for the responses so far - I will only be running a single wideband O2 sensor for the engine - I can see that the changes per second for fuelling in CLL is set higher at lower RPMs. I have previously upped it slightly however I found if it made is really erratic as the fuel correction was changed quicker than the mixture was changing so the idle wasn't stable! I guess the question is - have others passed the emission test with just a wideband O2 sensor running CLL? I have a feeling there must have been!
  4. Hi all, Just working on my mapping in terms of ensuring that I am able to pass the UK MOT emissions test - which tests CO, HC and Lambda - Lambda needs to be at 1, plus or minus 3%. I have a single wideband O2 sensor which I have set to run as auto fuelling compared to the AFR table. I have learnt that the main cat would usually need the fueling to dither between rich and lean as this increases the efficiency of the cat. https://www.crypton.co.za/Tto know/Emissions/catalitic_converters.html I know with the auto fuel option with the wideband sensor the fuelling starts with whatever is on the main fuelling table and then gradually adjusts to that target. The stock narrow band sensors dither around a lambda of 1 - going rich then lean in cycles which makes the cat work as expected. Question is - is there a way I can set the CLL to dither using my wideband sensor? I can see that I can set wideband and Stoich rather than auto, would this dither or could I set the CLL to the narrowband option? Last year I had to plug the stock ECU back in again to get past the emissions - my setup has the O2 sensor pre cat with the emissions test being done at the exhaust pipe end with about an 8% drop in AFR pre and post cat, I tuned it to sit at 1 at the engine but was leaner at the test sensor in the end of the exhaust. Really need to ensure I have everything in place for next year as I don't have an option to run the stock ECU on my engine anymore and there must be a way to allow me to run the Link ECU and be able to pass emissions.
  5. M1tch

    Fuel getting hot

    Are you running multiple pumps?
  6. That update to the trigger mode seems to have sorted it! Looks like the VVT offset is also good as well as I checked the offset with the cam test when I got back from a few logging runs.
  7. Thank you so much Adam, I will swap over the trigger mode to 2NZ rather than 1ZZ as it was previously and see if that makes a difference - looks like the arming tables are still set to 2V above 2k rpm. Will go and get my timing light out again and set/check the base timing, I did ensure that I painted up the crank pulley when I had the engine out to make checking the timing easier than before! Shall I set the VVT offset to 50 degrees again as default or just leave it at the current setting? I guess no real harm as its not like its got an offset of 30 degrees or something! Will just go through the procedure again to set the offset. Thanks again Adam!
  8. I have just gone in and removed the battery from the car and checked all earths and wiring both inside the car and out, found a possible issue with what I believe is a signal interference suppressor which wasn't 100% tight on the stud (although still making contact) - will see if I can take the car out tomorrow to see if that has made any difference.
  9. M1tch

    Rpm limiter

    There is a good help file that you can easily find in the PC link software - there are some different limit modes for both hard and soft limits.
  10. I have gone out and got many trigger scopes as requested @Adamw on idle the VVT was set to 0, for the other triggerscopes the VVT was set to 40. I could tell that the engine wasn't happy as it wasn't easy to really hold the RPMs as I would creep up on the RPM, it would hold but then increase again - I could hear the same sort of issue as before and hopefully one or two of the trigger scopes has captured something of use! Here are multiple trigger scopes at between 2.5k, 3.5k and around 4k - there was defiantly some issues at around 3.5k where it would stumble a bit: Trigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;38;28 pm 2.5 3.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;37;34 pm 3.5 2.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;34;52 pm 4k.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;34;52 pm 3.5 2.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;34;12 pm 3.5.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;34;12 pm 2.5.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;34;12 pm 2.5 2.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;32;13 pm idle.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;31;26 pm idle.llgTrigger Scope Log 2020-10-23 12;31;07 pm idle.llg Is there a way I can run the triggerscope for longer than the very brief sampling window? Do I need to press and hold or just press the capture button?
  11. I have an AEM X Gauge LSU 4.9 in mine - have wired mine in as CAN rather than AN voltage - guessing that the Zeitronix ZT3 has the same calibration in terms of voltage vs Lambda as the sensor you are running.
  12. M1tch

    G4 Handheld

    Its not like a PFC hand commander if that's what you mean - the good news is you can run Realdash which connects up to the ECU for various read outs as gauges, its pretty cool!
  13. Sorry Adam, was trying to get as much logged and tried out last night before it got too dark - just wanted to check a few other things to rule them out but rule them out one at a time. I was only able to get one at idle (with 0 cam) yesterday from what you requested - will see if I can drive somewhere to capture a few more at higher RPMs after tweaking the map to give me a 40 degree cam at 3k rpm. I did find that when not under WOT but gradually revving up to the higher RPMs I didn't get a misfire/this issue. Trigger Scope Log 2020-10-22 4;17;05 pm.llg I am going to go through the engine either today or tomorrow (weather dependant!) and check all connectors on the ECU wiring and sensors, the engine has only recently been rebuilt so there might be a connector that is coming loose when the engine moves under load etc - or something odd like a loose CAS which gets slightly pushed away from the teeth when the crankcase pressure increases. Will try and get a few more trigger scopes later though, might also ask the other half to come along whilst logging to then capture a trigger scope whilst the engine is having this issue as its only noticeable under WOT. I did also notice this in the screenshot below which happened just before I had the dwell time spike - its the same as on the previous log as well but unsure if they are related as I can still see the speed data coming in.
  14. I have just gone out again with a different dwell time table, here is the previous table: And here is the table I just drove - the issue is still there though: On the last log I had another HUGE spike in dwell time again - voltage at this point was at 13.67v, I am going to go back to the original dwell time setting again I think, although at WOT just before it started to have the issue again dwell time was at around 2.3 vs around 2.5 on the previous settings. I have no trigger errors and the trigger counter is still at 0. Is there any way for the ECU to only use the settings on the tables and not spike up? Looking at things like battery voltage, the voltage is still good, dropping to around 13.8v at full load and higher RPMs - knock spiked on cylinder 1 so looks like it might have misfired or something. Worth noting that looking back at previous mapping files, here is the dwell time table I had been using a while back - perhaps the dwell times are slightly too aggressive on the current map causing the coils to become unstable? Dwell time at WOT and higher RPMs on the table below showed basically 2ms across the board.
  15. I have gone back out again and got 2 logs, the first run I basically adjusted the timing down a bit to make sure it wasn't something like knock etc, still had the issue, I then turned off VVT completely to see if it was the VVTi that was the issue or something else - the problem is still there and was quite bad. Hopefully the 2nd log will help to figure out the issue as in the screenshot below I am at 100% throttle but the revs won't increase higher than 5,300 or so, it feels like ignition cut which is why I thought it might be a limiter or something. Coil dwell time is at 2.5ms at this point - perhaps I have an issue with my dwell settings. Looking at the knock readings I am getting increases in cylinders 1 and 4 - perhaps the coils are overheating or something causing me to drop cylinders intermittently? I have heard that 1zz coils can be a bit temperamental I have attached the log for the 2nd run and the map used with VVTi off with the HUGE flat spot at around the 7:28 mark - could really do with some help trying to work this out as I am not sure what else there is - it doesn't seem to be VVTi related and its not like there is missing map there, the AFRs are basically bang on to target as well. 201020 tuned VVTI + Ignition change + offset no vvt.pclr log no vvt.llg
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