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  1. Hi guys, currently running a RV8, fitted with a h404 cam. I can’t find the specs on the cam but understand it has a large overlap. Car has been mapped and is making great power and running well, but it stinks on tickover (no cats). It’s running as lean as poss on tickover, so I can only assume fuel is coming out of the exhaust ports. It’s currently been upped to 340 from 330, but my question is, how much further is OK? I moved to 350 and no issues at idle it would seem, how far can I go? Just trying to minimise the rich fuel smell on tickover, but not sure of the negative effects of having the
  2. Thanks Adam, no worries, I haven't had chance to load in and test yet as I've been busy, will do when I can and let you know, many thanks!
  3. Thanks for the reply, if I go ahead with it i’ll combine the two switch grounds to one 2a fused wire going into the aux output just to make it safe in case of any surge. Cheers.
  4. Hi Gents, I've got a spare fan that was fitted on my old charge cooler rad (that appears to have not even really been wired in right) so I figured I may as well fit it to my new rad seeing as it's going spare and wire it in properly. I wasn't going to bother originally as I didn't want to block flow (it was fitted as a push style fan) but the part number shows it's a davies craig fan that's fairly decent and can be reversed, so I spun the blades around and will reverse the polarity that way it shouldn't block flow but make a nice pull fan. The previous person who fitted it just piggy
  5. SteveX

    IAT sensor

    Spot on, well the air tests seemed fairly good, so I'll try liquid and that should verify it then, thumbs up.
  6. SteveX

    IAT sensor

    Thanks Adam, it’s an open type element not a coolant style sensor. Would the water damage it?
  7. SteveX

    IAT sensor

    Hi Gents, I’ve been going round in circles trying to find out why he IAT is slow to respond and always high. I pulled the sensor today and that is when I found it is an FAE one and was reading 28 degrees when ambient was 16-17. To test, I blasted very cold compressed air on the sensor, it took a while to change to around 22, but then started to climb to about 23 again whilst cold compressed air was still blowing on it. When I stopped, it quickly climbed back to about 28/29 which I knew was not ambient. I set to Bosch 017, ambient then showed 17, I went to my other car and checke
  8. Thanks Adam, you are a star, attached is the PCL. mr2.zip
  9. Hi, It's set to open loop, it's a MAC 3 port, activation 1500 rpm, 100kpa MAP, 20hz. I just checked some old logs at wastegate pressure, I guess it is stable, average 60kpa, fluctuates here and there up or down by 1 kpa, so 59 then 60 then 61 then 60, a couple of peaks at 62. With my setting, it will peak at around 76 on boost when it spools up, and will vary with lows of 69 sometimes less, it won't hold a steady 76ish. I'm looking at a target of 11psi, so close as I can get to 76kpa solid. I am working on the charge cooler system, and need to know that I can maintain steady 11
  10. Thanks Adam, sorry have been crazy busy re assembling the charge cooler system and building heat shields. I’m on my mobile right now but will message you the map soon. That’s a good point, i’ll check at wastegate pressure but can only do that when the car is back together. Thanks, Steve
  11. Hi All, I'm trying to find a way to stabalise boost with the G4 Currently using a Mac 3 port, with open loop mode, RPM activation 1500, 100 kpa. Table is set up with RPM and MGP. I know there is a dead zone with the solenoid, so <10% doesn't really do anything. Wastegate pressure is 7psi, target 11psi max. Duty cycle for the solenoid set to 27% from 1500 RPM, the plan was to bleed pressure from the wastegate for slightly better spool, but pressure does spike, it will peak at around 175kpa, or 75kpa positive boost, so a little short of 11, but as RPM climbs boost re
  12. Awesome thanks, tested yesterday evening and I can confirm your solution is perfect, i can just tailor the temp values to what I like. Many thanks for the awesome support / help
  13. Adam, thanks for the quick response, perfect. It makes sense having one set to fan, makes things a little more simple, although I guess both should work, I'll add one of the Vaux's to show engine fan. I set the switch off timer to 5 seconds, as I assumed this would take effect when the other condition is no longer met, IE overrun for 5 seconds, just to be sure it's within the temp I want and doesn't just flick into it for a second and back up. However, I still wonder what the polarity of the fan will be seeing as there is no option unless you chose the engine fan under aux2?
  14. Hi Gents, I would like to set up my engine fans to run with ECT and IAT, due to two radiators being used. I've dug up some useful information from Clint, and the method mostly makes sense. Standard setup: Aux2 set to Engine Fan function, Low Polarity, On 90, Off delta of -2 Modified setup: Aux2 set to GP Output: switch off 5 seconds, Logic Condition 1 and 2, Switch conditions are Vaux1 and Vaux2 ports. Vaux1 set to GP output: Cond 1 ECT > 85c Cond 2 Aux Virtual value = on 0 Cond 3 ECT > 84C Vaux2 set to G
  15. So I just checked the data logging, it's around 12 on acceleration but varies from 11-14 tbh, on deceleration it's high maxes at 20, I assume that's ok as fuel is shut off? I am worried about EGT with the new turbo, but as long as AFR is somewhere in the middle at cruise and acceleration it should be good correct? Thanks guys.
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