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  1. Unfortunately it’s faulting as soon as the ignition is on so the log is only going to show you limp mode default settings for the e throttle I’d say? I’ve been looking at run time values and the tps main and tps sub percentages sit at 6% when it’s been calibrated at key on engine off as soon as I flick the kill switch off and on, they instantly hit 90% key on engine off, I then have to recalibrate and the go back to 6%, I’m not sure how to log this as the ecu will be powered down
  2. So just an update on this, I re wired all the e throttle including new pins at the ecu and replaced the throttle body with another new bosch item and once recalibrated it’s fine. As soon as I flick the main power fuse off in the boot to disconnect the battery and switch it back on, when the ecu powers up it’s going straight into limp mode, the e throttle faults (now a code 70 %DC) and as soon as I recalibrate the e throttle it’s absolutely fine again it has no drivability issues or e throttle faults, it’s only on an ecu power up cycle.. I’m at a loss as to why this would be happening
  3. All good, just doing what you asked me to try, guess it must be a wiring issue or the new throttle body is at fault.
  4. Sorry for not being clear enough, I switched the software AN V5 TP main (which was faulting) to AN V11 TP sub and vice versa and the fault moved from TP Main to TP sub, switched the TPS wiring at the throttle body around (main to sub and sub to main ) and the fault was still present on AN V11 TP Sub, I then switched the software back and the fault moved back to AN V5 TP main
  5. Ok so after leaving it for nearly a week, start up and its instantly faulting, switching AN outputs over and the fault moves with the output, ive then switched the wiring and the fault hasnt shifted, switching the AN outputs back and the fault shifts back, so at a guess thinking it might be ECU related? Im in Auckland, would it be worth while sending the ECU back for testing? Cheers
  6. Cool I’ll just leave it as it is.. cheers
  7. Cool, I’ve re assigned Main and Sub, cleared faults and recalibrated the e-throttle, all working as normal . The fault only seems to happen on a new key cycle/ re start and will never fault during a drive. I’ll just wait for it to re fault and see if it shifts to Sub or stays on Main. Thanks for the help.
  8. Do you think this is an input error? Why would someone trim one cylinder?
  9. here you go, thanks mate NISSAN S14.pclr
  10. cold start throttle issue.llg heres a log of the fault , cold start and idle. is there an easy way to pin point what map i have loaded? I have 3 different maps in the directory from the tuner and there all a similar date. map file attached NISSAN S14.pclr
  11. I didn’t tune the car, just built it, but set some of it up to be able to start and send it for a tune. I’ll wait for it to fault again and can record a log and I’ll post it up. can screen shot the margins for you to see? Or easier sending the map? Not currently at the vehicle but it’s at work
  12. Hi all, while chasing another fault I stumbled across an ignition trim on cylinder #2 in the runtime values, it’s a mild SR20DET that’s been recently tuned (not by me) but any reason a -1.5 trim would only be on cylinder #2? Normal? Didn’t want to bug the tuner as I don’t want to be picking, so figured I’d ask on here
  13. Hi all, I have recently had a weird and random e-throttle issue, vehicle has been recently tuned and no issues previously. Sometimes when I first start it, it will go into safety mode and throw a code 76 TPS tracking fault code and looking through live data it seems to be the Main TPS side percentage will race upto 100 percent ( I’ve even watched it randomly on its own move up and down) while the Sub TPS will always read around 6.5 percent with the ignition on , on a good day I’ll clear the fault code and restart the vehicle (maybe carry out a throttle relearn) and both main and sub will read around 4.5 to 6.5 percent when running at cold start idle, can drive it for the day and no issues, on a bad day it won’t clear (it’s always on cold start ups I’ve found but it doesn’t get driven much) and it’s a 50/50 chance that recalibrating the e-throttle will sort it. I’ve checked wiring and even repinned and fitted another new connector for the throttle body and even when swapping Main and Sub wires over at the plug harness, the fault still appears on the Main TPS side, I’d normally think throttle body is the issue, but it’s a brand new bosch 60mm direct from bosch motor sport Australia, it could be faulty out of the box....but seems unlikely , so I’m a little stumped as to what other influences might have on the e-throttle to cause a tracking fault, its a plug in S13 76pin G4+ that’s had an ECU modification at Link across the lmain board to suit e-throttle. Using factory sheilded Main TPS wire and another from the XS loom for sub. I’ve also had the throttle body percentage stick at 6.5 percent on a start up, idle will fluctuate a little, no fault code, but pressing accelerator and no movement from the throttle body, I can see the pedal voltage changing in runtime values, but no throttle change , I’ll carry out a recalibration (sometimes it takes several attempts) to ecu , save it and then it’s fine for a few start ups until it randomly faults again. Any thoughts?
  14. Cheers, I knew it would be straight forward! Thanks
  15. That video is awesome, Anychance you could do a similar one using the motec C range of dash software
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