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  1. Cheers, I knew it would be straight forward! Thanks
  2. That video is awesome, Anychance you could do a similar one using the motec C range of dash software
  3. Hi all, so I’ve got an Nissan S14 with a plug-in and a C125 motec dash, I’ve managed for the most part using the template to get both communicating OK (there’s a few data streams I just can’t seem to get the decimal points correct and I’m yet to master adding a new channel on its own or editing a pre populated template channel) For some reason my Factory dash board speedometer no longer works, I’ve check all my wiring and can’t fault. So Base Map shows no Vehicle Speed and default Digital Input for VSS according to the Link Installation manual is DI 2 and in my Base map DI 2 is Sta
  4. Turning trigger disc other way around and setting timing offset to -100 has sorted the issue and vehicle started first pop
  5. Yes! I have that as one thing I need to check once back at work, the AEM can go anyway I believe, but factory not. Easy to check! Thanks for the input
  6. Hi Adam, yes i've hooked up a new HT lead between the coil pack and the spark plug on cylinder #1, Initially used my Snap on Timing light, but it did not like the slower crank of engine not running, so switched to another light I have, that seemed to always work. I have just left work for the day, so will aim to post a log as soon as I can. Thanks for the swift reply too.
  7. Hi all, Im having an issue with an S14 SR20 project, Engine wont start and ive tried to check roughly where the base timing is set while cranking (good jumper battery hooked up too) and it seems the marks are all sitting at 9-10 oclock and should ideally be closer to 1 oclock. Any changes to the trigger offset (Im pressing enter once values are changed) does not seem to move the timing marks either.. I have removed the rocker cover to confirm the CAS is installed correctly at TDC (engine also ran fine before mods and CAS is low kms), confirmed the Balancer is not moving/broken. Initially
  8. Worked it out, so in the motec dash manager the template I got from these forums had defaulted to CAN1 of the motec, had set the link ecu up on CAN1, but the Motec track loom ECU connection is CAN2, swapped the template into CAN2 in the motec dash manager and now I can see some Live data on the Dash. In hindsight, wish I had gone down the AIM dash route, Motec is quite full on
  9. All good, I’ll try and work my way through it and find the file
  10. Adam, ive edited my response.. but will send dash config file ASAP LINKG4+TO_C125.json
  11. Thanks for taking a look and clarifying about the find devices! Just figured it was the same process for every device. No data at all on the dash, CAN lambda is being discovered by the Link ECU but no voltage seems to be being displayed in ECU real time, I take it this is because the engine isn’t running? I cannot run the engine at the moment (fresh engine) . I’ve checked for power and earth at the CANLambda and it is all OK, so I can only assume that since the ECU discovers the Lambda sensor the CANbus must be Ok? Can’t seem to find any dash diagnostics to be honest, literally
  12. I personally used 18 awg (tefzel) make sure you wire it up on its own relay from Battery + not ignition, there’s quite a few noted issues in the forum about this.
  13. Hi guys, I have tried multiple files and configurations to get my C125 to be found on the Link Canbus detection with no luck, it can see my CAN lambda, ive tried the help file in the link software for Motec dash, changed settings to suit, could someone have a look at the current setting in my map and config file and see where I might be going wrong? Other thing to note: Im using canbus 1 on G4 and plugging into the ECU connector on the C125 which Is CANBUS 2, but have tried swapping everything over but did not seem to change. Cheers! NISSAN S14.pclr 59
  14. Hi all, just a question on this, attempted to set this same Logic up on Ign 5 Aux Output on S13 plugin running latest firmware and PC link software and it does not allow me to set the polarity? Cheers
  15. Perfect, I had read somewhere on this forum that this was only available on the Wire in ECU not the Plugins, hence my question. Thanks for your reply!
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